My HALO rings: behold the silicon wedding band!

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As some of you may recall, that guy I married does not wear a wedding ring. He gave it a shot for a while and HATED IT — it was too hard, the metal got too cold, and he felt it was too uncomfortable when he played guitar. I get it! My rings bug the shit out of me sometimes too — which is why you'll often find me ring-less as well.

That's why I got all super-stoked over these new My HALO rings. These rings are made of a thick silicone, which makes for a comfortable, yet durable fit for your active lifestyle, or metal jewelry-hating partner. A silicon wedding band is the most comfortable ring around!

Silicon wedding bands are the perfect solution for:

  • Those of you who have super-active lifestyles — athletes, weight lifters, hikers, acrobats!
  • Folks with metal allergies
  • People with chronic illnesses like arthritis or lupus that can cause swelling
  • Pregnant people! Again with the soft, stretchy style accommodating swollen fingers
  • Mechanics, electricians, firefighters, nurses and folks with careers in which a metal ring is considered highly dangerous.
  • Musicians who need their fingers nimble
  • People who are looking for colorful rings — they come in bright patterns, and even rainbow for pride.
  • Anyone who happens to lose their rings all the time — these silicon wedding bands are so affordable at $30!

My HALO Rings silicon wedding bands are super affordable (like $30!), they're comfortable, they're colorful, and they're just beyond awesome. Methinks I'm gonna surprise that guy I married with one of these super comfy silicon wedding bands. You should do the same with your comfort-loving partner!

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Comments on My HALO rings: behold the silicon wedding band!

  1. This is amazing! My biggest question is what happens if you get paint on it. Will acrylic paint permanently stain? Will oil paint eat the ring?

  2. I’m wondering if anybody knows if they’re stretchy? (As in, might they be a good option for a pregnant person with swollen fingers who can’t wear regular rings?)

  3. I have a matching black titanium bands with my husband. They are a matte finish with a beveled edge. I bought mine online from the site named after a river 🙂

    • Hey ladies- my wife is preggers and is starting to swell- her halo is working fantastic:) … lots of give to get around swollen fingers- a side effect of lupus is swollen joints and arthritic pain.

  4. Yay! How awesome. FH has been groaning about having a “fancy ring” he’ll never wear because of work and so on… BAM! Guess what I just bought!! 🙂

  5. These are fantastic! I don’t wear a wedding or an engagement ring but I feel naked without jewellery on my hands and would love to have something I can wear at the gym or beach. I’m on my way over to the site to buy one now. Thanks for sharing!

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