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Updated Oct 12 2015
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Kat and Justin are the husband-and-wife team behind our Seattle-based sponsor Persimmon Images. They specialize in all-day (not hourly) wedding photography that starts when you get ready and ends when the celebration winds down. As Kat and Justin put it: "We want to be there to tell the whole story of the wedding day, not just bits and pieces."

They also want to make sure that you're totally comfortable in front of their cameras, so they've offered up five helpful hints as to how you can easily feel at-ease being photographed.

Kat and Justin spend a lot of time getting to know you guys so that you're all friends when it comes time for the big show. They're fully aware that the experience of being photographed can be very intimate, and they want you to feel at ease — acting natural enough to show your sweet sweet love for each other — in front of the camera. Persimmon Images will play a lot of games, tell a lot of stories, and use plenty of fun prompts to help bring out your smiles, laughter, and tears. The end result: photographs that both look amazing AND show off your real love and emotion.


With that in mind, here are Persimmon Images five tips for feeling natural in front of the camera:

  1. Stay grounded. If you start to feel nervous or on-edge, take a deep breath and give your sweetie's hand a squeeze. Try to come back to your body rather than focusing on what's going on in your head.
  2. Be true to you. If you are generally silly together, be silly during your photo session. If you aren't big fans of PDA, don't push it for the camera. Hold hands like you usually hold hands and love like only you know how to love. Just be your normal spazzy or serious selves, and be good to each other.
  3. Tell secrets and share stories. Your engagement and wedding are a time to celebrate togetherness. We've found that one of the best ways to get into that mindset is by reminiscing about favorite memories or sharing future hopes and dreams with each other.
  4. Switch it up. If you're feeling excited or on edge, try walking hand in hand to shake it out or playing a game of tag. If you feel relaxed and reflective, have a seat and sharing a quiet moment. Then, switch it up!
  5. Let it out. It's OK to cry, seriously! We know a lot of women (and men) who are really concerned about "cry face." But we have seen time and time again that if you are genuinely moved by emotion, a beautiful moment is about to take place, and the resulting photograph will be stunning. The same goes for laughing your ass off!



  • Persimmon Images is gifting a free lay-flat coffee table engagement album. Just mention Offbeat Bride when you book 'em.
  • To celebrate a year of marriage equality in Washington state, same-sex couples get a $500 discount. Just mention this post when you book your wedding.

Kat and Justin only work with a limited number of couples each year so they can make sure to give y'all the highest quality of service. So if you want to have an awesome team of photographers — who really care enough to get to know and give you the best photos EVAR — you'll want to snag Persimmon Images ASAP before they book up!

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