My earrings

I'm totally in love with Julie Cupcake's psychedelically colorful wedding reception.

The table-settings are so happy they're almost rainbow-bright.

Paper Flowers

Julie's floral dress with the cheetah shrug makes me want to go dancing.

In the car

The five-tier wedding cake has zebra stripes, a singing Elvis, and skulls.

Our Wedding Cake

Oh, and Julie's hair is pretty much to die for.

So cute

My hair

back of my hair

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Comments on Psychedelically colorful retro wedding reception

  1. All I can say is that WOW! The wedding, the clothes, the HAIR is gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Thank you so much! I got the dress from Vivien of Holloway and it was awesome! Yeah my hair was definitely my favorite part!

  3. Thank you! The hair was crazy, I took a picture of something kinda like it up to the salon and just told her I wanted something pinup girl/rockabillyish. It took three people to do it (my hair is down to my butt) and it came out beautifully!

  4. Sweet Baby Jeebus Holy Mary Mother of GOD!

    It’s like you snuck into my brain and snatched all of my ideas up in the middle of the night!

    As a reformed Catholic girl who grew up in a Central California/San Joaquin Valley farm town, I have a strong affinity for all things Catholic/Mexican/Kitsch/CatholicMexicanKitsch– I even have an entire floor of my Seattle (Capitol Hill/Pike-Pine) loft devoted to my prolific collection of Mexican religious kitsch that I call my “Christ Lounge.”

    I’m especially obsessed with Dia de los Muertos and take semi-frequent trips to Mexico (Guanajuato, in Central Mexico, has the best stuff) to add to my collection.

    Also, for you Seattle girls, the “Dollar Store” that’s not really a dollar store at all on Broadway has a super kick ass selection of wonderfully tacky religious (most of it Mexican Catholic) decorations.

    I’ve spent a lot of money there. A lot.

    A++ on your super awesome wedding! Would do business again!

  5. I am seriously in LOVE with this ENTIRE wedding!!! Hair. Dress. Cake. Theme. BADASS!!

  6. This photo set made my day! You two look so amazingly happy, and like you were having fun the whole time! Your dress is too cool for words!!

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