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Black Wedding DressLooking for a wedding dress in any other colors besides “white” or “ivory?” Maybe say… something like that black beauty for your Halloween wedding?

Yeah, well … good luck with that. Shopping for a colorful gown can range anywhere from frustrating to completely frustrating, forcing brides to either relive prom dress shopping or scouring the bowels of the internets for creative alternatives. That is until Wedding Dress Fantasy showed up on the bridal scene!

Based in New Jersey, they have an online store full of colorful wedding gowns! You can now easily find the perfect red dress for your gothic castle wedding, or blue dress for your urban loft wedding, or pink dresses for, oh I don't know, your lesbian gamer geek wedding? Or even the ever rare and elusive gold wedding dress for your elegant lodge wedding. They also gots tons o' love for the plus size brides as well.

Oh, and maybe you're a budget bride, but you feel weird about ordering a custom dress from overseas. Wedding Dress Fantasy's custom dress prices are uber-affordable, ranging from $299 to $599.

So, when you're ready to easily track down your perfect colorful wedding dress, head over to Wedding Dress Fantasy.

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Comments on Colorful dresses from Wedding Dress Fantasy that will make you forget “ivory” ever existed

  1. Those are absolutely stunning. Even the plus size ones prove that even bbw's can be hot for their wedding! Yumyum!

    • Like most OBB’s, we’re on a really low budget AND i am plus size, and the idea of finding a dress made me cringe. I knew I wanted something very colorful and completely over-the-top, and had I not found Wedding Dress Fantasy from your site, I would be so lost. I about fell over when I saw that everything was customizable and the prices are to live for!!!!!!

  2. OMG, love it! There's one in the blue section that is, except for the color, exactly like I had envisioned my dress. And then I saw the option to change the color when you buy it! Squee!

  3. Totally great! I wish I had seen this when I was looking for a dress. Also try Allure Bridals style #8526 -it comes in a light blue/gray color called mystic. It's about $600 so kinda affordable if you're planning on shopping in most bridal salons. LOVE it.

  4. Ok, that's awesome, but I am on the hunt for the awesome, perfect, fabulous silver/pewter dress, and even this site has none… alas.

  5. It's a great concept, but a few things irk me. They categorize it by different color dresses, but all the dresses can be ordered in different colors. Therefore, shouldn't all the dresses show up in all the color categories? Strange.
    The other is, that they're all very pretty, most of them have the princess-y poofy taffeta look. I mean, that's great if that 's what your looking for, and there's a huge market for it, understandably. But a few hippier, earthier, natural fabric dresses would be cool, too.

    Sorry, offbeatmegan. I'm not trying to nitpick or point blame at you, lol It's a great site, and probably a huge help for a lot of OBBs out there. I guess I'm just insanely picky 🙂

    • No offense taken Reneee, it its not MY site! And I fully understand that not every vendor we profile is going to strike a chord with EVERY person. But if you have concerns I suggest you contact the vendors and see what they have to say.

      • I apologize wholly. I didn't mean for my complaints to sound like they were being directed at you, personally 🙁

  6. OMG! Thank you for posting this! My wedding is a few years off, but I want a blue dress.. do you know how hard it is to find pretty, blue dresses? This site is awesome. Thanks!!

  7. If only they had a website that not only included colorful bridal gowns, but also ones that are NOT strapless. When were straps and sleeves on wedding gowns outlawed, and WHY??

    • Cat, I have been on a mission to find a dress with 3/4 length or full length sleeves, but even the "modest" dresses online had short or cap sleeves. I finally found a dress at Nordstrom that I just love. It doesn't look like much on the model, but I am really busty with more of a (large!) hourglass figure and this dress has a va-va-va-voom factor! I gave up on trying to find a stylish white or ivory dress!

  8. There is a green and gold dress that I adore on there. And the prices are good, too.

  9. I have spoken to Tova Marc personally and she is totally professional. We talked about the technicalities of my dress and I am excited to see how it comes out! She is VERY reasonably priced too.

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