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You guys may recall our sponsor JPG Photography from his naked bike rider wedding, the hot vintage, punk wedding or the New Jersey aquarium wedding with SHARKS. This time JPG is back with Maggie and Justin's Wedding at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Burke, Virginia.

We have a saying 'round these parts, “everything is better with wings” and Maggie and Justin's wedding totally proves this. The details of this wedding are as mind-blowing as the photos themselves. Keep reading because, I'm telling you, the amazing never stops…

Maggie made her own super-color-tastic wedding dress by hand! Of course, she topped it all off with that gorgeous colored veil. Oh, but it gets better, not only did she make her own ensemble, she also made Justin's suit!

They crafted nearly every element of the décor until a bland multi-purpose room was transformed into a beautiful, fantasy world of yarn, lights, origami bird flocks, and world-traveler souvenirs. Doesn't this photo make you also want to jump for joy?

The reception dinner consisted of Indian food, Chinese food, and Chic-Fil-A! Thereby giving JPG Photography the opportunity to take this hilarious ring shot. They also had an fabulous centerpiece idea: wine bottles, decoupaged with National Geographic images of places Maggie and Justin have been or wish to go in the future. And each table was labeled a specific country, giving the whole evening an eclectic intercultural feel.

JPG Photography clearly encourages independent brides and grooms to be feel at ease and to be themselves. They totally throw cheesy out the window, and instead embrace the unique. And, as we've seen over the past few months, from Philadelphia to New Jersey and Virginia, JPG Photography will rock the HELL out of your wedding photos. Who knows, you guys might be our next JPG feature, but you have to get in contact with them first!

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Comments on Multi-colored, DIY love, wedding in Virginia from JPG Photography

  1. Wow. Just…wow. This is a stunning wedding, I am in love with the dress, the flower faeries, the way that you guys managed to have a totally multi-colored wedding yet avoid it looking garish and overdone…amazing!!

  2. AWESOME wedding!!! Looks like a really fun couple 🙂 Definitely the best multi-color wedding I’ve ever seen!

  3. I love her dress – breathtaking. This is going to make it so much harder for me to keep resisting the urge go on a fabric buying spree. I do not need a dress like that. I do not need a dress like that.

  4. I love the wedding dress and colorful veil!!!
    I was just thinking about making something like that dress but was worried I would look like a clown but it looks beautiful!! Great wedding congrats!!

  5. I wonder if this lovely bride would be interested in posting a tutorial for that incredible dress!

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