Sneak peak of a colorful Las Vegas wedding with Jelly Beans and bowling

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Seb and Julia's Vegas wedding was so seriously bad ass that CK, their photographer from 39 East Vision Photography has sent us a sneak peak of their nuptials and is forcing the couple to fill out a bride profile ASAP. If you couldn't already tell from their wedding invitation, pictured above, this wedding is full of colors, fun, and fabulous fashion. Oh, and as cool as their invitation outfits are, they BOTH wore something just as fabulous on their actual wedding day.

Love love love all the bright red details in their wedding outfits. Julia wore a custom-made wedding gown from Thailand decked out with sewn-on red silk flowers.

The fun colors ranged from the overt, to the covert.

Seb and Julia met in Jakarta while on a backpacking trip around the world. So at their wedding they had a mixture of rice, coins, and sweets (Jelly Beans!) poured over them during the ceremony — a traditional Javanese tradition that paid tribute to Julia's Indonesian father.

Clearly there's more than one way to get lucky on your wedding day in Vegas. 😉

I'll leave you with one last photo to really get your salivary glands working overtime. Yup, that's a bowling alley. Now I bet you can't wait to get more of the juicy details. But you're gonna have to wait! In the meantime you can head over to the 39 East Vision Photography blog to get more photo-teasey goodness.

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      • Oh thank you! That dress was one of the ‘costumes’ for our engagement photoshoot in Shanghai, China! It was such a fun dress, I would have LOVED to wear it on the wedding day too! Xxx

  1. I’m in total love with the dress in the invitation! I need to know where it’s from.

    • Thanks! I loved it too! It was supplied by a photo studio in Shanghai, China for our crazy dress-up engagement session. Wish I could tell you where you could buy one, sorry! X

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