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How cute are the bows on these platform alternative wedding shoes?!

Here at Offbeat Bride, we have been talking about alternative weddings shoes for nontraditional folks LITERALLY FOR DECADES. I've been rounding up super bold unique bridal shoes since 2007, and as I've gotten older, my taste has only gotten weirder.

Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite nontraditional shoes for 2022 — this year is definitely the year when colorful weddings are trending so this collection of shoes includes tons of bold bright color blocking, bold sparkles, an obscene amount of rainbows, and lots of wedding flats for those of us who can't walk in heels.

And while I'll mostly be focusing on colorful alternative wedding shoes, I've also got some options for my goth brides in here too — we're talking crystal spiders and black butterflies.

I'm also including some wedding boots… and if you're looking for larger sizes or orthopedic wedding shoes, be sure to scroll to the end of the post.

Unique wedding heels: for when you want alternative wedding shoes that pack a punch!

The block heel! The pink suede! If you can walk in heels this high, how could you resist these alternative bridal shoes?
Imagine the sparkly gold DAZZLE of these alternative bridal shoes peeking out from underneath your wedding dress!
For when you want your something blue to be VELVET shoes with a LEATHER bow!

Do you see the little heart at the bottom of that T-strap? You can see it bigger here. It's subtle, but it's cute AF!

Wedding flats: for when you want alternative bridal shoes that are also COMFORTABLE AF!

Planning a Halloween wedding? Are you a goth bride? Either way, these spider flats might be perfect for you!
These mint scalloped shoes have the cutest little leaves on them!

What alternative wedding shoe roundup would be complete without CONVERSE!?
Rainbow Hello Kitty flats — so comfortable!
GASP! Imagine how cute these lil gold butterflies would be sticking out from underneath your wedding dress? Bonus: the shoes are essentially rubber and super comfy.
Are these the ULTIMATE alternative beach wedding shoe? The white soles, the gold and rainbow straps, the big gold buckles!? If not for your wedding, then maybe for the honeymoon?!
Loving the geometric styling on these aqua blue flats!

Alternative Wedding boots for when these boots were made for WEDDING

UG these custom Victorian wedding boots are BEYOND
The hearts on these Doc Marten boots make them perfect for adorable ass-kicking on your wedding day!

These metallic silver ankle booties would be SO CUTE with a short vintage wedding dress!

Didn't quite find what you wanted?

If none of these styles did it for you, check out the Offbeat Bride Shop where we share shoes that are trending with our readers. Y'all have some amazing taste!

Do you have special needs feet? WE GOTCHOO!

Looking for alternative wedding shoes in larger sizes or wider widths? We have a whole archive!

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