Over the years I've developed a bit of a crush on colored veils. But the problem is… you just don't see 'em all too often. So here's “Megan's tribute to the colored veils I have loved.” We've got dramatic reds, daring purples, and understated blues, even some fiery oranges up in this! Feast your eyeballs:

DruMariaWedding_422 (2)
I'm starting off with a bang with Cadaverous Muse‘s incredible veil/hat combo using black and purple tulle for the fall and a black netting for over her face.

Kyra had an amazing black veil, and even her bridesmaids got into the colored veil action!

Couple Portrait on the Bench
This is Jesse and Aiko posing on a bench at Mayfield Park. I think this was our first (and only?) gorgeous grey cathedral-length veil. The veil was sewn by the bride's mother from a platinum chiffon fabric.

sc00284d9eShort, sweet and black. I love this. RedRubyRing made her own birdcage veil and fascinator.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding
Suzanne wore a light blue birdcage veil with a sparkly “POW” fascinator for the Muppet wedding.

S & C_76
What about a two-tone blue veil like Chantal‘s?

327Becky went all out with a blue veil that matched her blue sash at her winter wedding in Vermont.

UntitledAnd how could we ever forget Kimmy's purple veil from Kimmy & Ramzi's hill country sunset wedding with bells!

Purple veils also look amazing in birdcage styles that happen to match your purple dress, like in Cristina and Adrian's wedding.

The same with Oonagh's gold veil that perfectly complimented her amazing golden dress.

Clarke 552 LRTuesday_Silver had the cutest, classiest little purple be-ribboned veil.

manya 143Tanya‘s bright red birdcage veil makes me so very happy. I love how it doesn't seem to have any form to it, just a mass of red netting that looks perfectly in place somehow. So cool!

Say what?Misty's take on her red veil was a little different — not only was it bright red, but it was gathered in such a beautiful and unique way underneath her up-do.

Getaway car for yellow wedding dressLet us not forget… You need to see a yellow wedding dress with a matching cathedral veil today.

looking at the water
Tribe member Aemwhy rocked a ribbon veil with warm and happy oranges and yellows. She made it herself with the help of a friend.

Wanna see MOAR colored veils? Of course you do.

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Comments on Don’t let dresses have all the fun: 15 colored veils to steal the show

  1. Lovely. When I started choosing wedding clothes for myself, my first purchase was a baby pink birdcage veil. I figured everything else could work around that.

    • That is awesome. I have been known to create outfits around accessories, too, and the results have been consistently good. I think that choosing something little that you LOVE and then building around it can help give focus to the creation of the outfit.

  2. I love this since I am wearing a flower wreath with colored tulle hanging down in a veil fashion. It makes me excited for my wedding!

  3. I have some light blue tulle that I got on sale, that is now becoming my veil! I cut it into four pieces and I’m going to sew it onto hair comb that is covered in rhinestones.

  4. I had a black birdcage veil with handmade octopus and red feathers fascinator.
    I promise I will submit our wedding soon!

    • @Mich- an octopus and red feathers OMG! that sounds so awesome!!! what was your theme?

  5. I love this! i just ordered a blue birdcage veil from ETSY a few days ago. that greay veil is gorgous!

  6. So pretty! I’m not a fan of veils normally but coloured ones just seem so much nicer.

  7. Davids Bridal has started selling red and black birdcage veils. They’re meant for BMs but a lot of brides have been buying them.

    I love seeing offbeat things in a traditional setting. πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve actually made my veil already and it’s red and black lace with beading along the edge. I wonder if it’ll be cool enough to get featured. πŸ˜›

  9. I love how sort of spooky-romantic and antique the grey veil is.

    This post makes me rethink my position on veils entirely. HMMM!

    • Me, too. I was totally anti-veil for my wedding; if I’d seen a post like this before my wedding, I might have done things a bit differently.

  10. All of these are so pretty and fitting in their own way. Im thinking of colored long veil myself, but will be hard to pick which color to use.

  11. My veil was a silver-grey, to match my dress. Since I’m bald, I stuck it on a headband with my fascinator. Lots of Krazy Glue in the construction of it!

  12. Yesssss I’m making a black birdcage (I have netting with chenille dots!) and haven’t found many good photos to prove to my mother that it’s okay for a wedding…well, she probably still won’t think it’s “okay”, but at least with evidence that I’m not alone, she won’t stop me πŸ˜‰

    • Show her the Victoria and Albert Museum website, Under “Things to do”, then “wedding fashions” . There are lots of brides wearing dresses and headdresses that are not white. There are quite a few in the 1940’s with hats that have black veils.
      Lots of women in my family wore colored veils including my grandmother who wore a silver veil in 1926, my aunt who wore a pink veil in 1959 and my aunt in law who wore a black veil and with a black felt hat in 1945.

  13. I looooooove that ribbon veil (and her bouquet). I want to make a ribbon veil but I’m so craft-challenged I don’t know how to start. =/

    • I did a ribbon veil for my wedding, and I’m not someone who’s particularly crafty, so I didn’t want to do anything difficult. I was also crunched for time, so I wound up doing what I called ‘the ribbon veil for dummies.’

      I found a really pretty (and cheap!) silver hair clip that had a butterfly shape as the decoration, which had a lot of space for me to thread ribbon through. I found a bunch of different types of ribbon, like satin, thin, wide, and sheer in my wedding colors, which were red, white, ivory, and plum-purple. I cut ribbons of different lengths, and then, I tied the ribbons around the hair clip. I’m not someone who can tie pretty ribbon bows or anything, so I pulled the ribbon through with an equal amount on both sides and then tied it. If you want to see it, here’s a pic:

      http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5696621998/in/photostream

      http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5696621998/in/photostream/

      I’m actually ashamed of how easy it was, and felt a lot like I’d cheated somehow (because wasn’t I supposed to suffer to get everything done?) but it was SO nice to have a hairpiece that I knew would work, looked good, and that I didn’t have to worry about.

      The ribbons wound up making the hair clip a little bit heavier than I thought it would be, so my sister (who did my hair) secured it in place with a lot of bobby pins.

  14. Ohhh but where oh where did the lady in red get that fabulous bunch of felt flowers from???

  15. My veil is blue! My dressmaker sprayed it with spray-paint (which is apparently the easiest way to colour tulle, rather than dying it) and it looks awesome. We also sprayed all the petticoats for underneath my dress the same colour – will make sure you get to see photos after the wedding (in 2 weeks)! πŸ™‚

  16. I’m swooning over Kimmy’s amazing purple veil. -dashes off to read her wedding profile post-

  17. My wedding is Jan 4, 2014 and my colors are red, yellow, and green. I’m looking for that Jamaican theme for my veil. Can u help me ???

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