Have your wedding in the Colorado rainforest with Butterfly Pavilion

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Colorado's Butterfly Pavilion is a non-profit organization fostering an appreciation of invertebrates, while educating the public about the importance of the conservation of threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world.

Butterfly Pavilion is also an awesome wedding venue and an Offbeat Bride sponsor!

Though it's just a fifteen minute drive from downtown Denver, Butterfly Pavilion is an exotic, beautiful, lush rainforest setting.

Let's take a virtual tour of this lush wonderland, while we discuss all your offbeat wedding options at Butterfly Pavilion, shall we?


From their amphitheater next to a trickling creek, to their spacious ballroom (with A/V capabilities and full kitchen), and open patio overlooking a collection of colorful annuals, there are a lot of beautiful location options for your ceremony and reception at Butterfly Pavilion. Not to mention the added bonus of getting married amongst their 1,600 free-flying exotic butterflies (aka: the tiniest, most beautiful wedding crashers ever).


All Butterfly Pavilion rental fees go directly back to their organization to help support educational programming for over 50,000 school children, and their partnerships with sustainable butterfly farms worldwide. If you're looking for a way to use your wedding spending for good, Butterfly Pavilion just made it easy to feel warm and fuzzy about where your wedding dollars are going. Enjoy the beauty of their multipurpose venue, while knowing your event is making a positive impact in the community and beyond!

Yes, it's pretty. Yes, it's convenient. Yes, it gives back to the community. But is Butterfly Pavilion offbeat? Mmm-hmmm:

We love wedding couples that want the non-traditional experience, that think outside of the box, that are quirky and unique. From vows taken under the Colorado twinkling stars, and tropical ceremonies, to southern hospitality. From themed weddings, to traditional Indian receptions. We are honored to see such a diverse crowd come through our doors.

butterfly pavilion

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Mention that you found Butterfly Pavilion through Offbeat Bride, and they will include a butterfly release of 15 butterflies — a $50 value!

Gardens, gazebos, ballrooms, butterflies, and options galore… What more could you ask for in an awesome wedding venue? Party in the Colorado rainforest at Butterfly Pavilion!

  1. What an awesome spot! But I'm guessing some offbeat brides would be equally interested in their awesome ARACHNID, INSECT, and SEA INVERTEBRATE exhibits!

  2. I had my Jewish/Catholic hand-fasting in a butterfly garden. My husband's brother lives on through the gift of organ donation, and butterflies are a big symbol for the organ-donation community (particularly the family support network ) where we live. We felt that holding our ceremony there included and honored him.

  3. I've been here with two enthusiastic little girls who are really into two things: 1) butterflies and 2) pretend-weddings. Let me say that you probably already have their massive stamp of approval should anyone be planning to have their wedding at this neat place.

  4. I've been to the Butterfly Pavilion and can attest that it is a gorgeous, magical place. Nothing beats hanging out with some butterflies!

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