Great moments in wedding photography & special discounts from Colorado’s Megan Alvarez

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This photo makes my heart happy.

Our sponsor Megan Alvarez is a Boulder, Colorado-based photographer. She specializes in natural, documentary-style photography, or as she explains it: “I aim to keep it real at all times and avoid forced or stiffly posed scenarios.”

Megan truly does “keep it real” with her impressive ability to capture the genuine, fun, and spontaneous moments that make each wedding special. Take that photo up above — is that not one of the greatest moments in wedding history? And Megan captured the HELL out of it. That's the photographer you want on your side.

Come look at these other “great moments in weddings” photos from Megan Alvarez and find out why she's perfect for nature-lovers and why she gives school teachers a special discount!

Megan is all about offbeat couples like you:

My business caters to nontraditional clients because I myself am rather untraditional. I personally connect very well with relaxed, informal, DIY backyard weddings, creative and funky people, dancin' fools, and unique ways of doing things.
That “OMG we're married!” moment is always gorgeous. Doubly so in Colorado.

Hey, nature-lovers (how could you NOT be one when you live in Colorado!?), all of Megan's services and products are dedicated to sustainability. That means eco-friendly albums and prints for you and your whole family. In addition to be friendly to the environment, she's also friendly with your budget.

I don't know what happened at the moment, but it sure does make for an awesome photo.

Megan offers special discounts for teachers, who will always have a special place in her heart as she used to be one. As well as offering special rates for elopements, and very small weddings. Megan also offers a special complimentary boudoir package for brides who book certain collections.

Is there a chance your wedding could break out into a spontaneous pool party? Megan's ready to capture the fun mid-canon ball.

To recap: Megan is a Colorado-based photographer who's a total wizard at capturing all those special un-planned wedding moments, she's easy on the environment and your wallet, plus she's awesome to teachers, AND she's offering a bunch of discounts?

I know you don't need more reasons, all you need to do now is click here and book her ASAP!

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