Get wedding-ready fantasy hair color every time you shower with oVertone!

February 17 2015 | meggyfin
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oVertone hair conditioners make us all feel like this.
oVertone hair conditioners make us all feel like this.

Offbeat Home & Life readers who have heard us gush about our sponsor oVertone already know how amazing oVertone's color-depositing conditioners are. So y'all can just skip ahead to the special coupon code at the end to get your orders going ASAP.

For those of you who don't read Offbeat Home & Life, oVertone is a line of vegan color depositing conditioners that keeps your fantasy hair color looking vibrant and beautiful. Their mission: to end hair fading for good, keeping you looking your colorful best for all of your wedding events.

Katy went from light blonde to surface-of-the-sun hot pink with just oVertone.
Katy went from light blonde to surface-of-the-sun hot pink with just oVertone.

Here's how it works:

The oVertone conditioners have eighteen different color combinations and two types of conditioner — a daily conditioner and a weekly treatment — to meet your fantasy hair needs. They offer seven different colors — red, orange, pink, blue, purple, teal, and green — in three different intensity levels to match wherever your hair lies on light-to-dark spectrum.

Simply swap out the conditioner you're using, replace with oVertone, and you have an easy solution to keep things colorful. You can even mix the conditioners together to create your own custom shades! The best part: there's nothing in oVertone that can damage your hair, so you can apply as often as you need to!

If you're wondering, "Does this stuff actually work?," the answer is YES. Our staffers tried it and shared their honest experiences right here.

Roger's before and after, just using the conditioner.
Roger's before and after, just using the conditioner.

Why is oVertone better than just adding dye to your conditioner?

I used to do that move: squirt my hair dye into my conditioner, hope it's doing something, but also then try not to wash my hair so often. The new me uses the pastel purple complete system, and laughs at that old me. My oVertone conditioner will actually deposit much more color than a diluted dye mix, and their pigments deposit faster (imagine a three minute color processing time) and are way less messy (no mixing yourself). On top of all that, you could even change your hair color with JUST oVertone. It's like a trip to the salon in your shower!


Get wedding-ready hair on a discount

You already know that almost the entire Offbeat Empire staff loves us some oVertone, but what we love more than the conditioners is hooking our readers up with special discount code for their own special-colored hair care…

Act fast, because oVertone is offering a 48 hour discount for 15% off of your purchase. Expires February 18, 2015.

Use the coupon code OFFBEATBRIDE2015 at checkout.


Also, an important note for non-North American readers: as of February 2015, oVertone finally ships worldwide! Now everyone can keep their fantasy hair color happy and vibrant from "Will you marry me?" to "I do" and beyond. Make your head happy and say "hi" to oVertone and "bye" to cold showers and sad, faded hair!

  1. Love this stuff!! I bought a couple sample packs to use and share with friends, and I haven't met anyone who has tried this and didn't like it. I love that you can get a sample pack to experiment with combining colors before you commit to a full size product (my shade is two parts extreme red to one part extreme purple). I don't bleach my hair first, I use this to maintain a deep burgundy permanent dye. I could just use the red to help my permanent dye fade from burgundy to red, but I love the touch of purple.

    2 agree
  2. I was waiting for them to do worldwide shipping after I saw them here before!! Can't wait for my stuff to arrive 🙂

    2 agree

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