Sin & Jay's Cocktails & Rollergirls Wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015

The Offbeat Bride: Sin, Graphic Designer/Web Developer, Rollergirl

Her Offbeat Partner: Jay, Roller Derby Coach

Location & date of wedding: Dickson Theater, Fayetteville, AR. A local bar & club. — July 23, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was non-traditional from the start. First of all, I'm 14 years older than my hubby, Jay. We met through roller derby. He's the coach, I'm a skater.

Wedding Photos by Marc F. HenningOur invitations were designed by me and printed locally, saving a ton. We were married in a bar. No church for these folks.

He didn't wear a tux and I wore a crazy but beautiful, feather and large flowered headpiece my friend made.

Were there tattoos? Of course!

No bridal attendants. We just had cocktail hour, then got up on stage and did our "I Dos" then danced a ton and drank even more.

We were married by a fellow rollergirl who was ordained through the Church of the SubGenius.

We wrote our own vows. Mine were lyrics to a song I wrote, his involved saying I "would always be his MVP."

All decorations/food/etc. were put together and made by our friends.

Drink menus topped every table with custom drinks including our names: "Sin & Tonic," "Captain Jay & Coke," "A CosmopoliSIN" and the "'Oh Jay' & Vodka."

Wedding Photos by Marc F. HenningOur biggest challenge: Getting family members to understand that there was no aisle, no bridesmaids, no cutting of the cake. And the concept of hanging out in a bar all night to party was weird for many of them. But after they got there everyone had a good time. Good music can do wonders!

My favorite moment: "You'll always be my MVP!"

My advice to other brides: Be courteous while maintaining YOUR ideas for your wedding. Even on a small budget, not a penny should be wasted on wanting to please others if it is not in-line with what the both of you want.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!:

  1. hooray for offbeat weddings in the river valley! your advice is exactly what i needed to hear today -my husband and i have made a beautiful life by truly caring about the people we share it with, not by trying to please them – remembering and applying that attitude to planning our vow renewal is the only thing that makes sense. thanks for the much needed reality check and congrats on your beautiful wedding. 🙂

  2. Oh, I live within walking distance from Dickson! I love your headpiece and how you went with a completely different format.

  3. Holy crap. This is my wedding doppelganger.

    I too, am a rollergirl, and we are also having a teammate marry us. And we have a marquee, and cupcakes, and aqua ties… man… I'm freaking out… I think you're Arkansas version of me.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love you. I am a Seattle derby gal (Rat city) and I'm totally getting into the wedding planning business because of all the skills derby has taught me. I'm so glad derby brings love and so many other things! Your weddings is beautiful!

  5. hurray for derby love! I am also marrying my derby sweetheart in 2 months – I play for GGRD and he plays for the NYSE men's team. We are bypassing the church, attendants and other traditional stuff as well. Lots of love and happiness to you both – try not to beat each other up too much 🙂

    • WOW! Jay knows some of the Shock Exchange guys. He plays for the men's team here the Southern Scallywags. I've met Jonathon the Flying Squirrel before. Sweet, sweet derby love!

  6. Sin! I know someone who know's someone who knows you 🙂 Awesome venue! Love the dickson street pics! Rock NWA brides!!!

  7. I found this site while looking for a flamingo tattoo and had to mention my partner and I met through Roller Derby in Australia (Brisbane) in 2006! He was a ref and I was a skater!!! Derby love!!!

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