All photos by Sandra-Lee Photography.

Holly and Jen rock at crafting: they handmade both of their fabric bouquets and all of the desserts served at their wedding, including the three-tired wedding cake! Yellow and gray clearly ruled the day, as evidenced by the rain boots worn by the brides, the ribbons used for their handfasting, and the crows and bird cages on the dessert cookies. The pair bridged sentiment and humor with their co-written vows, including promises to accept each cat brought into their lives and staying together long enough to see what one another's tattoos look like in old age.


Photography: Sandra-Lee Photography • Venue and Catering: Lester's Family Farm Chalet • Hollys' dress: Formal Rentals and Sales • Bridal and Bridesmaid's dresses: Ever After Bridal Boutique • Hair: Randy Coombs, Pam Dobbin, and Denise Murrin • Make-up: Tara Dunphy • Officiant: Jordan at Kimspirations • Printing: Print Shop Ltd • Hair pieces: Wee Gardens and Rhys and Raes Creations • Bridesmaid's Jewelry: Murder Mitten

Comments on This wedding is all about rain boots, fabric bouquets, and co-written vows pledging eternal love for cats

  1. These images are so beautiful! And the vows sound amazing. Are they posted anywhere?! Pledging eternal love for cats—love!

  2. Such a beautiful wedding to be a part of, and so much fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

    I think you might have our tiny province mixed up Stephanie, as we’re located in Canada – not Europe!

    PSST: Thanks Stephanie 🙂

  3. Double the brides, double the gorgeousness! Everything about this wedding is beautiful.

  4. This is a GORGEOUS wedding. I love the colors, and the brides look so happy 🙂

    (Also, this is the first time I’ve looked at the blog on my laptop since you switched to a wider format. The photos look great!)

  5. I love love love the photograpy!! Gorgeous brides!!

    I usually loathe the color yellow, but for some reason I fell in love with the yellow-grey theme you guys had going on! Fantastic!

  6. Looks like an awesome wedding, but that last pic really gave me goosebumps. Romantic and books, books, books!!!!

  7. I had to leave a comment just to let you know that our bouquets were a fabric mix but no felt involved! (Probably would have been much easier if it had been though!) 🙂 Thanks for featuring us, we worked very hard!

    • Thanks!! They looked like felt to me, sorry about the mix up! Changed it. 🙂

    • Your bouquets are lovely (well, the entire event looks amazing, but I’m a bit flower-focused right now). Do you have a link or a resource that shows how to make those fabric flowers?

      • We referenced a whole bunch of sites and pieced together enough information and then improvised to make it all come together. I’ll have a look through my Pinterest and see if I still have anything kicking around!

        • Or even what fabrics you used would be awesome 🙂
          I hope you ladies had some Screech, ya crazy Newfs. Absolutely beautiful everything.
          Love from Ontario&Cape Breton

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