Christie (aka RedDress) says “just a moment, dear!”

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Aww! This wedding photo just came to me from Christie (aka RedDress on the Offbeat Bride Tribe) with a note saying:

Thank you Ariel for writing such an amazing book and starting such an amazing online community.

Phill and I just wanted to show our appreciation, and we thought you might like this.

Much love,
Christie and Phill

sniffle My offbeat brides are the best. sniff sniff

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Comments on Christie (aka RedDress) says “just a moment, dear!”

  1. OMG! I love it!!! Christie rocks to like the 1000th power! Great picture! And thank you Ariel! We rock, but not as much as you! 😉

  2. This picture is FANTASTIC! I’m sure most grooms could relate to the sentiment too… “Not now dear, I’m far to engrossed in The Wedding Bible” Tee hee…

  3. Woohoo! Redress is married! That photo is awesome and I totally share the sentiment- I probably would have thrown someone else’s wedding without this forum.

  4. That is a great photo! So need a pic of me on my wedding day with the greatest wedding book EVA too!

  5. Ha! I love it! I’m going to take a similar pic on my wedding day a year from now. Maybe we can start a trend with the OBBs and have a gallery of Brides holding the OBB book!

  6. grrr….. rumble…… why didn’t I think of that!
    JK, I love that picture! It is so perfect. I love Phill’s reaction in the background too. xo

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