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Every once in a while I like to go down the rabbit hole into one designer's offerings in these shoe posts — and today it's all about Chinese Laundry.

The last time I featured Chinese Laundry on Offbeat Bride, commenters said things like, “I love CL shoes. I've had a pair for over 10 years and they're still SO COMFORTABLE” and “I have a pair of Chinese Laundry boots that I got in high school. They are 17 years old… and I still wear them.” Even if you're not quite as sold on the brand, you're going to love the bonus shoe. It might be the naughtiest all-white wedding shoe I've ever seen.

Chinese Laundry Kido Women's Sandals

Chinese Laundry Avenue Women's Sandals
Chinese Laundry - Melt Down (Silver/White) - Footwear
Chinese Laundry Anytime High Heels
Chinese Laundry Giggle Women's Slip-on Dress Shoes
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari - Kalea Women's Shoes
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari - Copertina (Tan Leopard) High Heels
Chinese Laundry Side Kick Speckle (Black/White) High Heels
Chinese Laundry - Kristin Cavallari -Lucky (Black/White Herring Bon) - Footwear
Chinese Laundry Kick Start Women's Wedge Shoes
Chinese Laundry Babydoll (Soft Blush) High Heels
Chinese Laundry - Easy Does It (White) - Footwear
Chinese Laundry Avenue Women's Sandals
Chinese Laundry Whistle High Heels
Chinese Laundry Imagination High Heels
Chinese Laundry Hopeful High Heels
Chinese Laundry Jovial High Heels
Chinese Laundry Off Beat Kid Sued High Heels
Chinese Laundry Willy Women's Dress Sandals
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari - Letizia High Heels

Random bonus shoe


Comments on Chinese Laundry wedding shoes

  1. Squeeee! I bought the “Babydoll” in blush before I even had a clue about my dress! I’ve been practicing walking in them ever since. I just love them to pieces, but definitely am changing into pink Chucks post-ceremony for dancing!

  2. This is a great selection, just wanted to weigh in that I ALSO love the CL brand, their shoes are comfy and reasonably priced, but also because most of their shoes also come in the ‘hard to find’ sizes.
    I’m a 5 and have a really hard time finding cheap, cute heels. They also make a lot in 11.

  3. Daaaammmnn, that bonus shoe!

    CL is one of my mom’s favorite brands. Designer style at not-so-designer prices! My favorites on this page are the low, pointy, cobalt stilettos. Four of my favorite things! ;D

  4. I still have a pair of CL black heels (similar to the teal ones in the 2nd picture) I bought on clearance for my Junior Prom in ’99. My poor date was already shorter than myself (I’m 5’11”), then I wore my awesome 4″ heels to top it off! Sorry John! 🙂

    While I have had to re-glue the liner since, they are still going strong! 15 years and counting….not bad for $5!!

    (And that bonus shoe is classy and bad-ass all at the same time!)

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