Chinese Laundry wedding shoes

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What if this cute suede slide was your something blue?

Every once in a while I like to go down the rabbit hole into one designer's offerings in these shoe posts — and today it's all about Chinese Laundry.

The last time I featured Chinese Laundry on Offbeat Bride, commenters said things like, “I love CL shoes. I've had a pair for over 10 years and they're still SO COMFORTABLE” and “I have a pair of Chinese Laundry boots that I got in high school. They are 17 years old… and I still wear them.”

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Comments on Chinese Laundry wedding shoes

  1. Squeeee! I bought the “Babydoll” in blush before I even had a clue about my dress! I’ve been practicing walking in them ever since. I just love them to pieces, but definitely am changing into pink Chucks post-ceremony for dancing!

  2. This is a great selection, just wanted to weigh in that I ALSO love the CL brand, their shoes are comfy and reasonably priced, but also because most of their shoes also come in the ‘hard to find’ sizes.
    I’m a 5 and have a really hard time finding cheap, cute heels. They also make a lot in 11.

  3. Daaaammmnn, that bonus shoe!

    CL is one of my mom’s favorite brands. Designer style at not-so-designer prices! My favorites on this page are the low, pointy, cobalt stilettos. Four of my favorite things! ;D

  4. I still have a pair of CL black heels (similar to the teal ones in the 2nd picture) I bought on clearance for my Junior Prom in ’99. My poor date was already shorter than myself (I’m 5’11”), then I wore my awesome 4″ heels to top it off! Sorry John! 🙂

    While I have had to re-glue the liner since, they are still going strong! 15 years and counting….not bad for $5!!

    (And that bonus shoe is classy and bad-ass all at the same time!)

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