Julee & Ross’ Casual Quirky Children’s Theatre Wedding

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Here's a really neat venue option… a theater! Lots of stage space, seating and a funky atmosphere to boot! Take a look at some other offbeat venues like cave weddings or movie theater weddings or even zoo weddings!

The offbeat bride: Julee, Theatre Education Director

Her offbeat partner: Ross, Actor/Director/Playwright

Location & date of wedding: Nashville Children's Theatre in Nashville, TN on May 17, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We made a conscious effort for our wedding to be simple, DIY and to rebel against the industry.

It really felt like a party — which is exactly what we wanted!

We wanted a fun party where no one stressed. Since we are in the theatre industry, we had the help of actors/designers/technicians to help up prep for our wedding onstage and for the reception in the entire theatre.

Our biggest challenge: We really worked to keep the budget low and not be swept up into extras. Our priority was just enjoying the party with our friends and it all worked out!

My favorite moment: When the kiss came, we threw the disco ball onstage and blasted the music. It really felt like a party — which is exactly what we wanted!

My offbeat advice: Find ways that make the day belong to you and your guests. The day is about everyone in your lives — not just the bride! Don't stress either, no one will even know if something doesn't go as planned — and those are the best stories so look forward to what unexpected things will happen!

Enough talk — show me that wedding porn: Click on the picture below to see glimpses of Julee & Ross' Casual Quirky Children's Theatre Wedding!

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Comments on Julee & Ross’ Casual Quirky Children’s Theatre Wedding

  1. Ah, Julee I’m soooo glad you said the day isn’t just about the bride, it’s about everyone. I watch Bridezillas just for fun, but those crazy ass brides always, always, always stomp around, talking about how it’s their day — not even about the groom. They say “I’m getting married on…” never “we’re getting married…” Just based on that, I think you and Ross will rock on forever 🙂

  2. Your wedding is fantastic! I love the scenery behind you. The whole event seems to really be a reflection of the two of you.

  3. Hooray Julee!!! I’m so glad to see you two displayed so prominently on Offbeat Bride. We had a great time at the wedding…the tone of the evening was so fun and relaxed. That’s precisely what Matt and I hope to acheive for our day. Cheers, love!

  4. I saw many many plays at this theatre as a child, and I’m quite certain it’s the reason I’m in the industry today. It’s wonderful seeing such a beautiful event at a place that means so much to me:)

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