Chie Mihara shoes for weddings and drooling

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Chie Mihara Women's Pasion PumpCan we talk about Chie Mihara?! She's a shoe designer in Spain who crafts insanely stylish but also freakishly comfortable shoes (she got her start working in an orthopedic shoe store).

Now, these shoes are more on the Fluevog level of cost — we're talking $300 – $400. They're also on the Fluevog level of quality, because as much as we all love our cheap T.U.K.s or Iron Fists, those pleather suckers just aren't made to last. Chie Miharas, however, are life-long lovers that you buy for your wedding and wear forever.

Chie Mihara Women's Postre T-Strap Pump

Chie Mihara Women's Sour Gold T-Strap Pump

Chie Mihara Women's Neribri Platform Pump

Chie Mihara Womens Ecris in Cream

Chie Mihara Women's Pam Platform Pump

Chie Mihara Women's Vitoria Peep-Toe Sandal

Chie Mihara Womens Orleans in Cream

Chie Mihara Women's Isias Oxford

Chie Mihara Women's Yves Sandal

Chie Mihara Women's Emeral Platform Sandal

Chie Mihara Women's Questo Pump

Chie Mihara Women's Wishlist T-Strap Sandal

Random bonus shoe

Care to Dance Wedge: $65
Care to Dance Wedge: $65

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Comments on Chie Mihara shoes for weddings and drooling

  1. Sigh… the purple ones…
    Am I crazy to think you could wear them for business too? I mean, they’re dark, right?

  2. AMAZING shoes – really good quality, cool design and she cares about comfort 🙂
    I can’t wait to buy mine!
    Her website has even more shoes – she even has a dedicated ‘wedding’ shoe section.

  3. I’m a card-carrying Chie Mihara fan club member, or I would be if there were cards… As for weddings, Ped Shoes put the idea of a bride wearing these silvery Chie sandals into my head. Now I love them and am about to splurge.

  4. I am not engaged, I’m not getting engagd, I am not planning to get married ever. I just come here for the shoes…

  5. I am wearing a red version of the “sour” design (the gold ones in this post with the roses that cascade down the t-strap) for my wedding in September. Found them at Lord & Taylor on sale. LOVE her shoes, they are so 1940’s… 🙂

  6. I got the t-straps with the hearts (in the first picture) for my wedding and fell completely in love. I don’t wear heels and I cannot stress enough that these shoes are not only beautiful, but comfortable! I feel completely secure walking in them, which for me is saying a lot. I really never wear heels.

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