3 ways Chicago's Crafty Broads can help you with wedding planning and custom fashions

February 5 2013 | meggyfin
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Cindy Julia Wedding Dresses
Photo of Cindy and Julia on their wedding day by Starbelly Studios
Crafty Broads is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Meet Cindy and Julia, the Chicago-based happy couple pictured above. You've seen their custom dress work before on bride Hayley in this reader photo roundup. And now their business is our latest Offbeat Bride sponsor: Crafty Broads. They are a pair of stage managers/costume designers, who, after DIYing the hell out of their wedding, decided to spin those skills towards helping others do the same. So they started Crafty Broads, and have been making wedding dresses, doing alterations, and planning/coordinating weddings for awesome couples like you ever since.

Here are the three ways Crafty Broads can help you get crafty with your wedding… (Psst: Theater professionals, you're going to want to read till the end to check out their special discount!)

1. Custom Clothing

Custom corset and silk chiffon skirt.
Custom corset and silk chiffon skirt.

Crafty Broads can put their background in theater costuming to work to hook you up with custom wedding fashions — wedding dresses, or suits, or corsets, or veils, or any item of clothing that can be sewn. Your collective imagination is the limit. But they've let me in on a little secret… they really love to make corsets.

2. Alterations

After photo by Matthew Kuehl Photography
After photo by Matthew Kuehl Photography

Have you been thinking about turning your wedding dress into something else that you can re-wear to more occasions? Check out the amazing job Crafty Broads did on Joanne's dress transformation. But they can also do all kinds of alterations, such as hems and bustles.

3. Wedding Planning

Ryan and Michael's reception, co-ordinated by Crafty Broads.
Ryan and Michael's reception, co-ordinated by Crafty Broads.

Crafty Broads offers full-service, Day-of-Coordination, and a la carte options for wedding planning. They are also (clearly) super pro-marriage equality, and can plan civil unions too.

Our general theory on wedding planning is that the only thing you absolutely need is to exchange some vows and meet the legal requirements of your chosen jurisdiction and/or religion. Aside from that, what you want to do at your wedding is entirely up to you, and we're happy to help however we can.

Sarah rocking her Crafty Broads custom wedding coat. Photo by Emilia Jane Photography.
Sarah rocking her Crafty Broads custom wedding coat. Photo by Emilia Jane Photography.

And here's one final quote from the Crafty Broads… because it sums them up nicely:

We see our couples as the designers/directors of the wedding, and us as the stage managers/stage crew/grunt workers making it happen, and making sure the rest of their vendors do too. The best way I can think to say how we cater to offbeat people is that we really love to hear our clients' ideas and then help make them happen!
Julia's custom veil.
Julia's custom veil (Photo by Ashley Therese Photography)

Crafty Broads can not only help you with many aspects of your wedding, but they're offering to do so with special discounts…

Discount: Crafty Broads will offer a 10% discount on any service to Offbeat Bride clients who book them by the end of February 2013. They also always offer a 10% discount for theatre industry professionals.

So: Need fancy dress garb? Wedding dress alterations? These Crafty Broads are ready to help you make it happen!

  1. I adore Cindy and Julia so damn much. Not only did they make my wedding dress, they made my mom's dress as well, and wait until you see pictures of that beauty! (the dress and my mum)

    They were so easy to talk to, creative and open to ideas. They also know how to build awesome, hot dresses for an (unrepentantly) chubby-as-hell bride like me. 🙂

  2. These two are the kind of sponsors that make me wish I could create an excuse to hire them just because I so want to hang out.

    Chicago peeps: please get hire these guys and let me live vicariously through you!

  3. Love love love them!

    This is the amazing Day of Coordinator that I've raved about in my tribe posts (Hi Cindy – its me Lisa!)

    Hiring them was the best money I spent on our wedding because it made certain I was able to enjoy the day and not worry about anything.

    Set up, clean up? Done.
    Carrying stuff there and getting it back to the house? Done.
    Wrangle the minions of the wedding party? Done, including a potty break before the ceremony.
    Picture list – handled.
    Food on time – sorted.
    Friend as celebrant – sorted, helped us design and time the ceremony and even was able to get us to practice a couple of time!
    Organization? Done. Cindy even made sure I got the DIY stuff done I said I was going to – but offers a service to finish those for you if you run out of time, inspiration or desire to finish them.

    She also provided a great voice of reason if I seemed like I was leaning towards something that I said I initially didn't want – enough to help me figure out if I wanted it or if I was doing it because I'd been pressured into the idea.

    Seriously, best investment I made in the day.

  4. So wonderful! Makes me wish I lived in Chicago. And as a theater professional myself, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no better person to coordinate ANY event than a stage manager. Rock on, ladies!

  5. Stage managers to handle weddings?!!! This is brilliant and why haven't I heard of such a thing before?! I second all the "makes me wish I lived in Chicago" sentiments. It also makes me wish I had known about them when I was shopping for a dress. I may need to throw another party just to get a dress from them. (Who doesn't love corsets?)

    • And, to all those who wish you lived in Chicago… I'm from there. Currently it is about 10 degrees there (without wind chill) and about 70 in Los Angeles. So no, you probably don't want to live there !! I think what you probably mean is you wished THEY lived HERE, wherever "here" is. And so do I… what a cool company!

      Ladies, I want to hang out too. I get back there for family about twice a year 🙂

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