Special deals, a sneaky tease, and the groomsmen photo that made my year, all from Chicago’s I Luv Photo

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You already saw how I Luv Photo captures and entire wedding with today's Rock ‘n' Roll Chicago wedding profile. And last year we gave you five reasons to fall in “luv” with I Luv Photo. Well, this Chicago-based wedding photography team is back with five MORE photos from five MORE offbeat couples who also fell in luv over this past year.

First let's talk about the picture up above. Jenny and Rohan's wedding photos are stunning, with such amazing wedding details that I was floored. And then I scrolled down and got to see the best groom's party photo ever. When you see it, you'll know.

Get ready to do a lot of clicking, because we're gonna look at even more of their awesome offbeat couples from last year AND discover how you can get a special deal from I Luv Photo.

Amy and Steve found I Luv Photo through Offbeat Bride and, since Amy summed up their happy experience so well, I thought I'd quote her:

Working with [husband and wife team Luis and Clarissa] was fabulous — they share their love and enthusiasm so readily that you can't help but want to spend your own wedding day with them! They are by your side most of the day, so just remember you need to really like your photographer. With that said, they were so unobtrusive and caught amazing images seamlessly. My husband loved that there was no stage direction and constant critiquing of our posture/position. It was all very natural and relaxed… just what we wanted! And now, about the pictures… they are absolutely STUNNING.

Now this photo is the tease of the century, because the wedding that this “getting ready session” turned into will attack your peepers with its awesomeness: the colors, the fashions and the unique location all combine to make one dreamy party!

It looks like Alison and Grant didn't let rainy day stop a wedding with passion, sparklers, and some sci-fi-esque reception decor and centerpieces. Hey, did I spy a mugly?

Nikki and Bri's civil union must have been a whirlwind. There are incredible photos in an old home, on a sea side cliff, in the subway, on a bridge, in the middle of the busy city street and finally at their sports lounge reception. I'm telling you, if one photography team can pull off these fantastic photos in ALL of those locations, on one day, while on the go… THAT is the team you want on your side.

And having that team on your side with a freaking special deal!?

Mention that you found I Luv Photo on Offbeat Bride and receive an extra $200 credit towards any photo album.

People, you'd be crazy not to book them ASAP.

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