Chicago-based Ann Oleinik Photography thinks y’all are the BEST!

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This past year, about 20% of Chicago-based offbeat sponsor Ann Oleinik Photography‘s clients have come from Offbeat Bride. Ann told us:

Without exception, they were our favorite weddings of the year. Our Offbeat Bride couples are fun, unique, and creative, and their weddings are always meaningful and emotional. They're the weddings that get us choked up and teary-eyed.

Let's have fun, and try not to get TOO teary-eyed, as we look at some photos from their favorite offbeat weddings and let's see if we can increase their offbeat bride percentage. Their special discount should probably do the trick…

For those of you who haven't seen their vendor listing, Ann Oleinik Photography is a husband and wife photography team. As I mentioned before, they're based in Chicago, but they also shoot quite a few weddings in Wisconsin, and are happy to travel. But no matter where they are, they always create natural, romantic, and amazing images like it ain't no thang.

Speaking of amazing images, Lizz and Brandon's wedding with fire dancers just blew me away. EVERY photo on this post had me saying “that's my favorite!” You can see why I'm on a mission to get Ann Oleinik MOAR offbeat couples!

And how exactly is it that they get these one-of-kind images? Ann explained:

We try to encourage our couples to find ways to make their photos personal to them. Whether that's going to locations that are meaningful, incorporating their hobbies or sense of humor, or just finding opportunities to show off their personalities, we really try to create a unique collection for each wedding. We encourage them to get creative and have fun with their photos. Many couples expect their portrait session to be a little static and boring, and are surprised and delighted when they realize that we can do something fun and crazy.

Ann Oleinik Photography also makes it easy for their couples by not including extra fees for going to multiple locations AND by being generous with the hours they include in their packages AND offering a 100% money-back guarantee. All that, on top of this special discount:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Ann Oleinik Photography is offering a $100 discount off of any of their packages to our offbeat couples. Just mention that you saw them on Offbeat Bride and feel the discount love!

Now I need y'all to hook up with Ann Oleinik Photography — let's up her offbeat bride percentage and get more awesome photos!

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