Saeri and Brent were wed at Evans Field, a forest preserve just outside of Chicago. Saeri wore a persimmon-colored dress (to match her ink), they both wore Converse, and they had a ceremony filled with geek references to dinosaurs and zombies. They had steamed buns from Wow Bao (a delish Chicago joint known for their “hot Asian buns”).

An aunt performed a hula dance, while another aunt read an English and German poem that Saeri's grandmother wrote for them. It was definitely a mix of cultures and interests that blended so well together. Rebecca at Studio Nouveau photographed the wedding said, “You know those weddings that are just dripping with special details that give you a sense of the couple? This wedding was one of those.”

Tutorial for these!

Totoro and the Doctor!
Their rings were reversible: Saeri's name became Brent when turned upside down, and vice versa.

Check out the rest of the photos from this lovely and geeky wedding over at Studio Nouveau.

The vendors!

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  1. To everyone who is interested in the rings: we got them from Cascadia Designs. The website is

    They are titanium and can be anodized with a variety of different colours, and the company will clean the rings for free any time you want! 🙂

    • I think I may have found the fiance’s ring, that is awesome. And they can do our names!

  2. I tried the link for the Cascadia designs to check the rings they have but it does not work. The wedding was beautiful congrats!!

  3. We were so proud to be a part of this day. They are such a loving, caring couple. Brent could not have been more attentive and involved in this wedding and it shows as a perfect representation of their lives together. It helps that Rebecca can capture those moments so easily as well. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day Saeri and Brent.
    Melodie @ Bonnie’s

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your special day – it looked like everyone had such a wonderful time and you had some really great ideas! And thank you for sharing the ring information, I absolutely love them!

  5. Hey everyone, there was a mixup in communication so some of the info didn’t get to the editors in time to be posted on the site. So here is a list of the missing vendors (some are posted above):
    Rings: Cascadia Design Studios —
    Flowers: Good Earth Greenhouse, Forest Park, IL —
    Cake: Luscious Layers, Chicago, IL –
    Shoes:’s create your own site:

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