20 funky bridesmaid dresses under $60

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cheap-bridesmaid-dressOf course we're all big fans of the non-matching bridesmaid, but sometimes it's nice to give your ladies a little guidance. That in mind, I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorite bridesmaid-ready dresses from Offbeat Bride affiliate ModCloth, aiming for the uber-affordable under-$60 options. Modcloth has a whole new wedding style section, which is awesome… but I went kinda off-road with these selections.

My goal? Fancy enough to feel wedding-y, but fabulous enough to be worn to a cocktail party after the fact. Ideally, your bridesmaids' dresses would be something that you, the bride, would wear on a non-wedding day. You'll absolutely find some plus size options in here, too!

…Perhaps something even something you'd wear to an engagement party or shower?

As always, click the photos to learn more!

You'll find tons more options over here:

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Comments on 20 funky bridesmaid dresses under $60

  1. another good place to look for bridesmaid dresses is anthropologie. my girls got “chemises” for only $78! you can’t even tell it’s technically “sleepwear.”

  2. I really love the Modcloth look, but I found that their cute dresses are way to short for my 5 foot 7 frame. Also, Modcloth sold the same dress, but at triple the price, that I had bought at Charlotte Russe for $20 and two years earlier. Therefore I am sadly a bit skeptical about their offers now.

    • I noticed the same thing on Modcloth! A dress I really wanted from there was selling for $65 and after daydreaming about it for several months, I found the EXACT SAME dress at Forever 21 for $19.

  3. I think most of my girls have gone with Goddiva – however (BIG however) their idea of M/L doesn’t tally with mine!

    One dress arrived and seriously, I might have fitted into it when I was 16 and tiny but not since. Boooo

  4. another great idea if you want your bridal party to, you know, look like a bridal party but don’t want to be all fancy and dressy and having everybody look the same, bridesmades t-shirts work great. They can wear them over anything, skirts, dresses or pants. Also, t-shirts are the ultimite for the bridesmade dress you’ll wear again.

    • I’d say they only sort of have plus sizes at best. Only some items come in plus sizes, and compared to size charts for other plus size retailers, I’d say Mod Cloth’s largest size is equivalent to an 18W or 20W.

  5. Awesome! I’m not having bridesmaid, but I found the perfect dress for our Pre-Wedding party the night before! Thank goodness I’m only 5’3″, juding from the comments.

  6. This site is so awesome I could puke! I’m in love with all these dresses, and the bathing suits. We totally have to go somewhere with a beach for our honeymoon now, because I am buying me one of these. Maybe a few. And I’ll need a couple dresses for engagement photos, and the engagement party, and bridal shower, and bachelorette party … And clothes for the honeymoon, of course. Oh, if only we could go to Havana …

  7. This is my concern as well. I LOVE the look of the dresses, but am wary of the quality. Has anyone ordered from here and can speak to the quality of the construction and fabric?

    • ModCloth sells clothing from a lot of different designers, and I’ve heard that the quality varies accordingly. I’m very happy with my own purchases, but reading reviews on several pieces by the same designer might be a good idea.

    • I haven’t ordered any of the dresses listed here, but I purchased my wedding dress from ModCloth. It’s a fairly heavy fabric (the brand name is Stop Staring) and seems to be put together really well.
      (My mom has sewn for years and usually is unhappy with the quality of new clothes; but she seemed impressed by the construction of this one.)

  8. i’ve ordered some shoes from them, and they were adorable, but really not good quality. The sequins kept falling off and they were very sweaty. The sizing was also not that good. I paid $30 for them. You’re getting what you pay for, not a deal. However, they have phenomenal costumer service and they will refund your purchase if you send it back for any reason.

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