Ooh, let’s talk about Chase & Chloe shoes

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chase and chloe shoes for wedding

This is another one of those shoe posts where I get sniffing into one particular brand of shoes. Chase & Chloe pulled me in this time with the vintage-flavored styles — lots of T-straps, teardrop cut-outs, scalloped edges, and super mega affordability with all these styles coming in under $50. Let's take a peek-see, shall we?

red teardrop shoes

wedding mary jane pump

yellow t strap shoes

blue t strap wedding shoe

cream wedge

mint flats

wedding shoe with bow

sparkly wedge for wedding

pink kitty flats

Random bonus weird thing you can register for:

LO VE pillows

(Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add weird shit like this to YOUR registry.)

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