Want to see some make-outs? Pony up for charity instead of glass clinking

Photos by: Kyle Perison
Pony up for charity instead of glass clinking from @offbeatbride
Photos by Kyle Perison

We saw the loveliness that was Hailey and Delainy's elegant outdoor wedding, but one detail we really loved was their alternative to the glass-clinking-kissing tradition. Instead of having guests clink their glasses to get the couples to kiss, they solicited a small donation for charity, the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. If you have a cause that you'd like to support, this seems like a low-pressure but high fun factor way to raise some cash.

Pony up for charity instead of glass clinking from @offbeatbride
Go see the rest of Hailey & Delainy's wedding!

More glass-clinking alternatives:

  1. This seems like a terrible idea to me. Don't kiss when people clink if you don't want to, but don't solicit money from your guests, especially for a charity when you can't be sure they even support that particular charity. And what about people who want to involved in this tradition of doing something to have the bride and groom kiss, but don't have money to spare or again, aren't comfortable supporting that charity?

  2. I think this is a really cute alternative idea. We used solo cups at our wedding so there was nothing for guests to clink. We also didn't have an alternative because the whole "kissing on cue" thing just didn't appeal to us at all and no one seemed to miss it in the slightest. I actually think this trend may be going out of style, at least in my area, because I've only seen it done at ONE wedding I've ever attended.

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