This charitable registry actually amplifies your guests' donations

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This charitable registry actually amplifies your guests' donations

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If you're one of the many couples thinking about using your registry to make the world a better place through charity, allow us to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Power of Deduction. Power of Deduction is a charitable registry started by newlywed husband and wife team Eric Lauritsen and Adelaide Kuehn — they envisioned a company dedicated to furthering their philanthropic vision, but that would also enable like-minded supporters to join in their charitable efforts. It’s a bit like crowd-funding for your favorite causes!

But unlike most registries (charitable or otherwise), they don't deduct a portion of your guests' donations, this one actually amplifies donations…

This charitable registry actually amplifies your guests' donations
Eric Lauritsen and Adelaide Kuehn

About Power of Deduction:

"We're all about supporting historically progressive causes through charitable giving. Our business is predicated on idealism and trust (a challenge in these dark political times, but we know there are others out there like us). We use bold tax concepts to help like-minded users maximize their impact (or the impact of their wedding guests!) with the causes that matter most to them.

The movement towards charitable wedding registries is a really cool one, and it's been very fulfilling to work with couples willing to take this bold step. We aren't the first company to offer charitable registry services, but we definitely see ourselves as standing out from the others, since no one else dedicates themselves to finding the best possible charities the way we do." -Eric Lauritsen and Adelaide Kuehn

This charitable registry actually amplifies your guests' donations
An example of what your Power of Deduction registry page will look like.

How it works:

This charitable registry actually amplifies your guests' donationsWhen you register with Power of Deduction you'll select one or more of the eight causes they serve –traditionally progressive things like the environment, global health, immigration and refugees, the arts, and they're now including a Hurricane Harvey fund! Eric and Adelaide work continuously to identify the most efficient, effective, and ethical charities serving each cause, and make user-supported contributions to one per cause every single month.

When your wedding guests donate, Power of Deduction will add 130% of the value of their gifts to their next monthly contributions for the causes they select. For example, if your Aunt Sally makes a $100 donation in August, Power of Deduction will add $130 to their September contribution.

Plus, they’ll keep you informed about gifts to your registry so you can stay on top of your Thank You notes!

So what are you waiting for? Register with Power of Deduction now and start saving the world with your wedding!

This charitable registry actually amplifies your guests' donations

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