The Offbeat Bride: Kerin, special ed. teacher for middle schoolers with mental illnesses

Her offbeat partner: Matt, computer geek

Location & date of wedding: Barker Tavern, Scituate, MA — Nov. 1, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We really cherry picked the traditions we wanted to use.

We did not get married in a church, our ceremony was shorter than the actual processional to get to our JP. Anything we had the means to do ourselves, we did (which really means, I did).

Some people took issue with the black in my dress and accessories and the visible ink. We handpicked our music for the ceremony and introductions and had everyone dancing until the venue kicked us out 🙂

I also worked my celtic heritage in everywhere i could that wouldn't be overdone…

Our biggest challenge: The biggest challenge was telling my dad about my fully exposed inked back. (I originally had a black veil planned.) My dad was not a fan. We had a very interesting conversation that opened the door wide for that won't be what freaks out the old ladies the most, “I'm a tattooed bride, dad.” His reaction was so the antithesis of what i feared that i opted for a different veil in the end to keep my father's blood pressure down.

our first dance:)

Picture 4My favorite moment: The music we chose, my dress really kicked ass, my groom, of course. And the most sentimental… having my grandmother walk down the aisle with my sister, they had a special relationship, and it was the last time we saw her — she passed away, unexpectedly, in January. 🙁

My advice for other offbeat brides: Figure out with your partner what you want and do it. Personalize things so that your guests know whose shindig they are attending. Anything that can be DIYed, do it! Remember, it can be cheap, it just doesn't have to look cheap. And most importantly, have fun!!!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!:

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  1. What a great wedding! I love the Celtic traditions. I have heard amazing things about the Barker as a place to hold a wedding, it looks like you had a great time there! They say all brides are beautiful, but you really are one beautiful bride. You have a cool family, and I am glad your grandmother got to enjoy your wedding. That’s a memory I’m sure you will treasure.

  2. Wow! I adore your style. You are one of the prettiest brides I have seen, and love everything you did here. I love black and white myself, and the fact that you proudly show your heritage and tattoos. Your whole look is stunning, and has inspired me with ideas I had for mine :D.

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