Celebrating the bridal body as a canvas of expression

Guest post by Taren

WEB330My favorite thing about Offbeat Bride is that it promotes a positive attitude about body image by representing ALL shapes, heights, weights, and shoe sizes. The site celebrates the body without focusing on it alone, but instead, treat it as a canvas of expression, a place to grow babies, a physical means of connecting with your loved ones, etc.

Of course, you may have a useful post on dress alterations, finding the right wedding pants or suit, or even making bridesmaids outfits that will fit a range of sizes (and genders!). But Offbeat Bride has posts on makeup, hairstyles, and shoes. But, the focus is still on changing external factors to emphasize the beauty/confidence/creativity of the bride or groom as they are!

The topic of body image is especially relevant to me, because I work as a weight loss counselor for women. I know how great it can be to overcome personal barriers (whether they be internal, external, or both) as you strive to better yourself, your health, and your life. But, I've seen so many people put too much emphasis on their bodies in negative ways — we've all seen it! We live in a culture where eating disorders, self-hate, and weight loss products are hard to avoid.

If you are getting married your partner loves YOU just the way you are. This statement is cliché and out of place (redundant?) on Offbeat Bride. Readers here seem to already know this and, if they don't, the editors and contributors will remind them and hopefully show them that it's true. I would love to see this attitude on every wedding site… I would love to see this attitude abound in our culture. Offbeat Bride isn't a bad place to keep the movement going as it fights on the front lines of one of the bloodiest ongoing battles in the body image war — the wedding industry.

The most refreshing thing about Offbeat Bride is that the focus isn't on the dress, the venue, or the invitations but the couple and — may I be so bold to argue? — the relationship that led to the celebration and the partnership that will continue after the fact. Of course, you've got addicting wedding porn, an excellent vendors section to shop in, and (more or less) all of the ingredients that bring wedding planners to Offbeat Bride. BUT we never hear “you have to have/be/do/think THIS to be a BRIDE.”

Thank you.

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  1. Ya’ll really need to quit it! /jk

    I accidentally found your blog and i’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve not yet found my ladylove, but reading the articles and such…you’re making me really want to settle down! Keep up the great work! (And, I just may go to the Wedding Expo in Philly…since it doesn’t look sucktacular!)


  2. I find it so interesting and frustrating the amount of people who have questioned my weight in my two years engagement. Fact is, and I tell them this, if I were to loose a heap of weight wouldn’t that be false advertisement for my htb. as long as we are happy, healthy and not starving on the day, then I think we have won any body image battles and unrealistic expectations in the end…and we can just be US.

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