A few tease-y steps to a simple and casual updo

Updated Sep 13 2019

Megan sent me this updo tutorial and we knew it would inspire some casual, floofy, and BIG updos! This one has lots of teasing for body, but looks totally doable, perfect for a headpiece, and not at all fussy or pretentious. Plus it strikes me as a little bit retro with that beehive vibe.

Now that we're in a back-combing mood, we may as well see what's out there for wild and woolly updos!


Ooh, and how about this messy French twist updo?

Easy DIY wedding hairstyles from @offbeatbride
Via Maiko Nagao

We took on the challenge of trying this messy French twist out myself since it looked so hypothetically easy. No joke, it WAS easy. If you have someone else folding it over, I'm sure it would look much nicer (and less tornado-y), but even doing it alone was pretty simple. See, I did it all by MAHSELF:

Easy DIY wedding hairstyles from @offbeatbride

Easy DIY wedding hairstyles from @offbeatbride

And then there's this…

Bouffant bun

Easy DIY wedding hairstyles from @offbeatbride
Via The Freckled Fox

This bouffant bun is more forgiving than it looks. And it's way more fun to do it with a vintage comb…

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