Keep Austin’s Cassie Rose Photography weird… by having her shoot your offbeat wedding!

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I will always remember Cassie Rose Photography from this Austin foodie wedding. That very first picture stole my heart from the second I saw it. Yup, Cassie Rose creates images that stand out, even to wedding porn over-saturated wedding bloggers!

Keep reading to see what else Austin's Cassie Rose Photography can and will do…

I'm not surprised that Cassie's an offbeat girl herself — tattoos and multicolored hair — and she absolutely adores creative couples, like y'all, that think outside the box when it comes to life, weddings, and engagement shoots.

Speaking of shooting, Cassie's primarily a documentary-style photographer. Which means she captures your day as it unfolds, and doesn't order everyone around to suit what SHE thinks a wedding should look like. But, don't worry, she will totally provide direction during family, wedding party, and couple formals — getting uncles to smile, nieces to stand up straight, and making sure your veil isn't all wonky, and your partner isn't making that weird face that they make when they're nervous. 😉

ALL of Cassie Rose's wedding packages include:

  • Complimentary engagement session
  • 8 hours of photography
  • 2 photographers
  • and high rez images from both your engagement session and wedding

And Cassie's more than happy to meet with you, Skype with you, or have a phone chat to go over any questions you might have. So hit her up, make a date, and then revel in the beautiful wedding porn you will make.

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