Cash-saving hack: Opting for a honeymoon registry with Traveler's Joy

January 29 2016 | bijouxandbits
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Honeymoon registry ideas
Ken & Ken totally used a travel registry for their honeymoon — by Jon Olav Eikenes

Are you recently engaged and looking into a wedding registry? If there's ever been a choice that couples agonize over, it's this. We've long been talking about online registries and the ways they can save you some dough, give you tons of flexibility, and allow you to craft up an AMAZING, globe-trotting honeymoon (or just that relaxing staycation you've been dreaming of with local tours, local cuisine, and spa days).

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Our very longtime partners, honeymoon registry Traveler's Joy, offers the ability to register for activities and experiences instead of just stuff you probably already have. Guests can contribute monetary gifts towards your honeymoon activities and trips. You may also dig their "group gifting" option that allows multiple friends and family members to contribute to any more expensive items/experiences.

Your wedding guests can contribute to a Patagonian hike at sunset, an Istanbul bazaar tour, or a tour of the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat instead of say, a toaster. Those honeymoon photos can mean a lot more when you know that you helped make it happen. With Traveler's Joy honeymoon registry, you can give your guests that awesome option.

kahuna falls was a letdown
By Julie FCC BY 2.0

Here's how a Traveler's Joy honeymoon registry works:

  • Total flexibility: You decide where, when, and how to arrange your own honeymoon travel. You won't have to use any particular travel agency or airline, so you can always get the best deals your own way
  • Totally easy to use: Customizing your registry is easy with Traveler's Joy's tools, gift image library (100,000+ images), Google Maps integration, automatic slideshows, themes, and more. They even have an "Instant Registry" feature to fill out your registry lightning fast.
  • Flexible redemption options: You tell Traveler's Joy when you're ready to receive your gifts and they send you a bank check or transfer them directly to your checking or PayPal account. All U.S. gift redemptions are FREE (a fee applies for some international transfers)
  • Super easy thank-yous: Instantly generate a list of all your guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information to make thanking them one of the easiest parts of planning

Want to hear the best news? There's a FREE option! Traveler's Joy is now allowing members to accept honeymoon gifts via cash or check. This method is 100% FREE to both the member and the gift-giver. We're talking ZERO FEES via cash or check and more options for payment. All of these features at zero cost to you and your guests = a win-win-win for everybody.

Let's see a couple of our favorite itineraries from real Traveler's Joy members:

Honeymoon registry ideas
Jeff and John
  • Jeff and John's "Circumnavigating the Earth" honeymoon: embark from New York to San Francisco, then to the temples and sushi of Osaka, Japan and the historic markets of Bangkok, Thailand, around the island of Ko Samui and finally the local cuisine of Istanbul, Turkey before heading home on wanderlust wings.
Honeymoon registry ideas
Tara and Michael
  • Tara and Michael's Northern California tour: road tripping up the coast, a trip into Sebastopol, hiking days, romantic horseback adventures, a museum day in San Fran, wine tours in Sonoma, and then hanging at Bodega Bay before it's back to reality.

Love on a Beach at the sunset

You too can plan your own adventure anywhere in the world (including a beach like the one above — le sigh) with the help of your guests. They can make gifts to you that mean something magical and that will give you memories to last you a lifetime. Just head over to Traveler's Joy to easily set up your own honeymoon registry in only a couple of minutes.

  1. Maybe this is a dumb question, but how do you use cash or check for an online registry? Do just tell the registry I am sending the money directly to the couple? Or do I mail it to Traveler's Joy? Or have computers developed some sort of money fax machine capabilities while I wasn't paying attention?

    • I think what Traveler's Joy is advertising here is the fact that they'll track cash/check gifts for you so that a) you have a consolidated thank you list, and b) specific trip "experience" gifts (e.g. a cruise or safari) can still be marked as "fulfilled" on your registry (which cash in an envelope at the wedding won't signify to others who view your registry). This is probably a "meh" feature for some couples, and a really cool one for others!

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