Give your guests face time with cardboard cut-outs of your gorgeous mugs

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When you're determined that everyone at your wedding can get some real face time with you, employ the use of some doppelgangers! Yep, we're talking cardboard cut-outs of your mugs for use in photos, on the dance floor, and just for general fun.

Brianne and Dale had big cut-outs of their faces looking hilariously stern that were passed around so that everyone could get a little one-on-one with the newlyweds. It's a totally personalized traveling photo booth for almost no money. I could also see these being used by ushers to show whose side of the ceremony is whose (if you're having sides). Follow the huge head to your seat!

Here's what Brianne had to say about them…

So everyone could get a photo (and a dance!) with us, we made giant cut-outs of our heads.

The giant heads were a big crowd favourite (and very easy to do with some foam core and glue), and were quite fun in the later hours of the dance floor party.

Our photography ended up being quite key (and not just for frostbite tracking). Our photos still make us so happy — from the multiple films Chad used, to the fact we just felt comfortable being absurd, it was perfect. The photos and slideshow really helped share the day with friends and family alike, without them having to run the risk of frostbite.

How to buy them

These guys make cutouts that start at just $17.99 and they ship super fast!

How cute are these custom order these custom BIGHEADS?!

How to DIY them

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