Tie your thank-you note to a tasty caramel apple

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Allison and Richard Wollenhaupt

Favors are totally optional, but one scrumptious option is a yummy caramel apple — like this one with the sweet little note from Allison and Richard. Gotta love the little lovebirds, and what a great way to add a personal touch with a quick ribbon and a hole-punched tag!

Whether you candy your apples, roll them in crushed oreos, or go for the classic straight-up caramel-enrobed goodness, this great idea is a tasty thank-you. Want even more tasty treat favor ideas? Check out our yummy wedding favors to please 'em all.

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  1. This is what we did! Of course I had to make a pun and wrote “appily ever after” cuz it just had to be done that way.

  2. I love the idea of homemade favors, especially food favors, because I always lose little memorabilia from weddings 🙁 For our wedding, it was small enough that I was able to make all of our favors. All of our friends tease us because I LOVE to cook and the hubbs LOVES to eat, so I baked four different flavors of homemade granola and made individual bags with hand-lettered tags. We had a sign explaining to our guests that since they had spent the night with us, the least we could do was provide them with breakfast! It was a big hit (and now I know who wouldn’t turn away granola for christmas!!!)

  3. *Looks at item*
    *Spousal Unit wants fall wedding*
    *Loves Fuji Apples, and would love to honeymoon in Japan*

    <..>…. <.<…. *Yoink!*

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