Incredible edible wedding favors from Little Things

Updated Oct 12 2015
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It's time for the fourth installation of my favorite Little Things Favors. I've showed you my fave eco-friendly favors, their rock 'n roll favors and the best in geeky favors. Now it's time for some offbeat edible favors…

Little Things has a ton of gum and gum ball machine favors which I absolutely adore. My favorite was the Mini Classic Gumball Dispenser with it's vintage appeal. These would make wedding favors for the kid in all of us and would also works great displayed on candy buffet tables. And these can be as low as $2.95 each!

No, that's not sushi pictured above… those are Rice Krispie Treats! How rad are they!? These "sushi takeout" chocolate dipped Rice Krispy Treat favors contain six pieces of rice krispy "sushi" plus a pair of chopsticks. But Little Things has a lot of variations on a theme of Rice Krispie Treats.

I had a problem with picking out my favorite brownie favors… there were just so many different choices! So I just chose my favorite picture and you can choose your favorite brownie favors all for as low as $3.50 each.

Little Things has an insane amount of candy tins (both filled and unfilled) and personalized mints. Some of them, like the ones pictured above can be personalized and filled with peppermints for as little as $1.75 each.

Personalize lollipops! What's not love? These Fall For Love lollipops are perfect for a fall wedding. Little Things also has a tons of different lollipop designs and flavors to match any theme. And for every twenty-four pops you got an adorable display box… perfect for a candy bar!

So enough of MY favorite edible favors… choose your own and have happy (and less hungry) guests!

  1. Thanks for this post! I'm not too big on favours and we were just going to go with one of the options on our reception menu (Belgian truffles in a white box for 3.95 per box) but these are a lot cuter and more original – and the prices are great.

  2. We did something like this. We originally wanted wooden puzzles, but they sold out of them. >.< So, as a second-place, we chose Jelly Belly tins that had our name, date and a really cute fireworks graphic on them. We chose two flavors that went with our colors, blueberry and island punch. They were really, really nice and who doesn't love Jelly Belly jelly beans?

  3. My friend got us to help her make molded chocolates. We made hearts with almonds in the middle. It was fun and didn't take all that long at all. But these would be nice to just not have to make anything!

  4. These edible favors are fantastic! I immediately fell in love with the rice krispy treat options. All of the edibles really bring back childhood memories and are something that all guests would love. The fact that they are affordable makes it that much more convenient for brides who want to leave a special thank you for guests without breaking the budget.

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