Sweet-ass candy wedding accessories at a special discount from Edible Weddings & More!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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2bouquetHoly delicious wedding accessories, Batman! A be-skulled, hot pink and black, lollipop bouquet? That's bad-ass.

Our sponsor Edible Weddings & More — the maker of said bad-ass bouquet — has me seriously drooling over their sweet wares. See, I am a self-confessed candy addict, and from my years in Offbeat Brideland, I know a LOT of you love candy, too.

If you've been thinking about using candy instead of — or along with — your wedding flowers you NEED to see these options from Edible Weddings.

Go grab your favorite candy (I've got the Kids beside me), and let's check out the sweetest damn wedding accessories on the interwebs that have a special discount for Offbeat Brides…

Lollipop bouquets


As seen in its glory already, Edible Weddings & More specializes in lollipop bouquets. They make them in three sizes: large bridal bouquet, small, and single pops — perfect for your bridesmaids or flower girls. No matter what size you order, everything about your lollipop boquet is customizable, including the types of lollipops. Edible Weddings & More can also add things like skulls, guitars, star shapes, or any other shape of lollipop you can think of.

But my favorite thing about lollipop bouquets: they're awesome floral bouquet alternatives AND make a delicious snack on the honeymoon!


2boutineerOh don't you worry: Edible Weddings & More has boutonnieres to match those lollipop bouquets. Let your wedding party can rock some delicious statement pieces on their lapels. Now these are boutonnieres that serve a dual purpose (yummy treat!) instead of just looking pretty.


4centerpieceMy favorite uses for candy at weddings (besides a candy bar) is when they're the centerpieces. Bright colorful decorations — check. Not having to worry about your centerpieces dying — check. Centerpieces that help your guests party all night on a suger high — check. Custom candy centerpieces for under $20 — oh wow, check!

Ceremony decor

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 2.42.53 PMYou don't have to stop at centerpieces for your wedding decor. Edible Weddings & More can create these awesome candy topiaries that would be AMAZING aisle runners, and then transform your wedding reception into a candy wonderland.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Edible Weddings & More is offering our readers 10% off when you use the promo code Offbeat10 at checkout.

Delicious decor and the sweetest wedding accessories you ever did see? If I were you, I'd be licking sugar off my fingers (…what? Sour Patch Kids are messy!) and clicking over to Edible Weddings & More to sweeten up your wedding!

  1. Those look awesome and delicious as I have a sweet tooth myself. Great concept. I particularly like the topiaries.

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