Candy-colored flats for your very rainbow wedding

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Whether you're looking for the ultimate in bridal shoe comfort for yourself, or a rainbow of fruit flavored flats for your thankful bridesmaids to wear, this post is here to fill your eyes with sugary sweet candy-colored low-heel shoes.

I went for the full spectrum of colors, and went for shoes somewhere between from completely flat up to heels of less than an inch. The goal here is color, and feet that don't ache at the end of your wedding day. Oh and PS: could someone PLEASE have their bridesmaids wear these? SO CUTE!

As always, click the shoes for more information!

VANELi Women's Valeke Flat

Kate Spade Women's Tivoli Flat

Melissa Women's Ultragirl + J. Maskrey Flat

Miz Mooz Women's Dabney Flat

Pour La Victoire Women's Agatha Ballet Flat

mel Women's Fresh Flat

Gwyneth Shoes Women's Vixen Ballet Flat

Funtasma By Pleaser Women's Candykorn-12 Flat

Chinese Laundry Women's Annabella Flat

Madden Girl Women's Gummie Ballet Flat

Naturalizer Women's Miriam Flat

Gola Women's India Flat

Funtasma By Pleaser Women's Star-16G Flat

Arche Women's Laius Ballet Flat

Libby Edelman Women's Alpha Ballet Flat

Comments on Candy-colored flats for your very rainbow wedding

  1. Has anyone actually worn those solid plastic/rubber shoes? Are they basically like the Jelly-Shoes I wasn’t allowed to wear in the 80’s? (my mom said they were dangerous) Do they make your feet sweat and slip around when you walk?

    • I did wear those jelly shoes. They made my feet sweat like nothing else. OH AND THE BLISTERS. I’ve seen them around recently (I can’t remember where). Maybe the Jelly Shoe people have improved them since. I think they look super cute but I just remember the blisters.

    • Those aren’t jelly shoes — they’re vivienne westwood & they’re awesome!! Super comfy and I didn’t really notice any sweating.

  2. Those Candy Corn shoes are too much. I’m dying. Perfect for a halloween wedding, or just trick or treating with the childrens.

    Ps…did we abandon the idea of Vintage Wedding Pictures?

  3. I have purple versions of the sparkly shoes!
    I got mine at unique vintage and I love them to death already. The sizes do run slightly small though, so I have a wee bit if breaking in to do. So very sparkly!

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