Julie and Josh planned a New Brunswick, Canada ceremony in the forest, but some unplanned rain moved the fun indoors. Thankfully, it didn't matter where they held the ceremony since they SANG their vows and it would have been amazing anywhere.

Add in a hunting lodge setting for their vegan and eco-conscious reception with tons of DIY, edible flowers, and homemade granola, and we're in for a treat. Kandise from Hibou Photo let us in on their day and all of its charms.

The lodge that saved the day when the rain came down.

Some nostalgia in clothespins makes everyone you love feel included.

Homemade granola favors! Favors also included a small tree to plant.

Lovely large flower bouquets make me smile. Sometimes it's just nice to have some luscious greenery (especially in a forest setting!).

Lots of singing and performance happened. Check out the groom going all singer-songwriter on us.

The famed singing vows! They sang “Good to You” by Marianas Trench. Kandise said there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Wai-Ching and white pants… flow-y and gorgeous.

The wedding party looking fly.

These flowers were edible and topped each of the vegan meals. Everything they used for DIY and the food was locally-sourced.

For more of this singing, performing, and rain-turned-amazing wedding, check out Kandise's blog post at Hibou Photo.

dresses: Wai-Ching

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Comments on A hunting lodge vegan wedding with singing vows

  1. These pictures are stunners, for sure. They really capture the simplicity of the wedding while still making it POP.

    The flowers were uhmayzing.

    • I second that yay! There is hope for New Brunswick yet. I’m getting tired of the weird looks I’ve been getting over my “strange” ideas.

  2. If two vegans can get married in a hunting lodge, perhaps there’s hope yet for world peace… 😉

    • HungryGrad,

      You just won the interwebs! That’s hysterical, and for that brilliance, I award you a PhD in lol.

    • I was just about to comment: Can someone please join me in giggling at the irony of a “hunting lodge vegan wedding” :-p

      Also, gorgeous pictures, especially that last one among the trees!

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