"Is it okay to email my wedding invites?" Yep, and here's why it's awesome

Updated Feb 29 2020
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"Is it okay to email my wedding invites?" Yep, and here's why it's awesome
Digital invitation from Greenvelope
I'm a technology geek and my partner still has a pre-2010 phone if that gives you any idea of our technology interests. I think it would be great to send our invitations via email and he's worried that it's still not that common and people will be thrown off. Is it okay to email my wedding invites? – Luis

The time to hem and haw about whether it's okay to email your wedding invitations is over. It's totally okay! Couples are aiming for more eco-friendly wedding choices and even your older relatives are probably rocking smartphones or at least have internet access. The benefits of digital invitations are huge and you don't have to feel bad taking advantage of them.

Here are six reasons why online wedding invitations are awesome…

You'll save money

On stamps (for both the card and the return card!), on the paper itself (it can get pricey), and on re-sending invitations when you inevitably get an address or three wrong. Some emailed invitation services are free and others are an inexpensive alternative that provide extra services like tracking and RSVP collection.

You'll reduce your wedding footprint

Eco-friendly weddings are more and more common, especially as we get more dire predictions on our climate state. Weddings can be especially wasteful with lots of opportunities for one-use items, loads of uneaten food, and lots of decor that gets tossed. Invitations, save-the dates, and other stationery don't have to contribute to it.

Better tracking and RSVPs

Digital invitation services offer benefits that just aren't available in a paper envelope. You can often add music, maps, calendar links, photos, gift registries, hotel information, and more. Your emailed invitation can lead your guests directly to a fully customizable wedding website if you want.

You can track who has seen the invitation, who has RSVPed, what they want to eat, and all without having to rely on them snail-mailing back an envelope on time. It's a digital age, folks, and tracking down paper RSVPs feels like something from another time.

"Is it okay to email my wedding invites?" Yep, and here's why it's awesome
Online save-the-date from Greenvelope

Easier updates if things change

If you end up changing a time, a hotel block, or venue, having to call or email everyone to update the info is a huge hassle. If you opt for a service that provides a wedding website or online portal of information, you can easily update it for everyone to see.

Much harder to lose

Losing a wedding invitation? Easily done. I've probably done it recently. But an email is harder to lose. A quick search in your email, or checking your bookmarks for the site — much easier.

"Is it okay to email my wedding invites?" Yep, and here's why it's awesome
Bold Type Invitation from Greenvelope

They can be just as gorgeous

We recently scoped out some designs on Greenvelope and were pretty blown away by how much they looked like an actual invitation. Whatever service you choose will usually have lovely designs, though I will say I was partial to the paper invitation-like presentation.

There's really no right or wrong answer when it comes to how you end up inviting your guests to your wedding. If you're a stationery nerd, paper invites might be a top priority for you and that's kick-ass. But for those of you who are worried about offending grandma with an email, I think you're in the clear. Digital invites can be just as classy and fun as paper ones, so find a service you like and run with it.

  1. We compromised by emailing save the dates (and asking people to respond with their address for the invitations), mailed invitations, but had people RSVP online, or by calling. It worked out really well! We made the invitations ourselves, which saved some money, too.

    • One of my friends just did this and I thought it was the best of both worlds. Most efficient for getting people's information, disseminating information, and just staying on top of things. As a guest I appreciated how simple it was.

  2. We used Greenvelope after my husband’s cousin used it for her wedding, I looooved it! My favourite parts were how I could completely design and customise it which was really fun, and that we starting getting RSVPs within 2 minutes.

  3. We just used gmail's mass email function, we set up a specific email address for the wedding. No complaints from guests… I thought it gave us a lot more flexibility and guests felt better informed – in fact one of our guests said it was the best-organised wedding she'd ever been to!

  4. We're going a step further and making a Facebook event! The only ones who don't use it are very close, so there's no problem informing them.
    I guess I'll put a "YES THIS IS THE ACTUAL WEDDING INVITATION" in case people don't take it seriously, haha. I'm assuming some will be shocked, but I don't want to spend the time, effort, money and paper – and most people will probably just throw away all the paper, so why have any?

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