The tiara that launched a thousand ships: a Cambodian wedding in Massachusetts

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All photos by Zac Wolf Photography.

Jacqui and Sam had a two-day wedding to cover all their bases: the couple wanted to honor both Cambodian and American traditions. Photographer Zac Wolf sent us photos from the colorful love-in that was day one (you can see day two here)! The events of the day took place in the couple's home, and they participated in four separate ceremonies.

And now: let's ogle some really gorgeous photos!

photographers: Zac Wolf Photography

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Comments on The tiara that launched a thousand ships: a Cambodian wedding in Massachusetts

  1. SO gorgeous! One of my favorite things about OBB is seeing people create/recombine traditions of love and family blending form all over the world! Am super curious about the traditions of this wedding. Why 3 fabulous dresses, 3 amazing tiaras? why the red string? what is happening with the comb and scissors?? I NEED this wedding story!!

    • I was thinking the very same thing!! What’s with the comb and scissors? What is that thing they are carrying in their hands? Can I please borrow the GORGEOUS earring in the last pic? (pretty please?)

      Plus, the girl’s laugh is precious. She’s beaming with happiness in the purple gown!

      • The comb and scissors is during the hair cutting ceremony, where friends and family pretend to cut the hair of the bride and groom, spray them with perfume and tell them how beautiful they are. The ceremony has lots of symbolism though – trimming away past excesses and beginning a married life together as a fresh, new beginning. Ours had lots of laughter and it looks like Jacqui and Sam had a great time too!

    • The red string is a blessing given by the couple’s community in the final ceremony Chang Dai – literally the “tying the strings”. It’s an opportunity for the family and friends to give the couple advice and well wishes and bless their marriage. A very emotional part of the wedding. At the end everybody cheers and throws palm flowers – soo fun!

  2. This is so crazy! I worked with Sam for a little while a few years ago! Hi Sam! Congratulations! This is so gorgeous.

  3. Wow you look sooo beautiful! This really brings a whole new meaning to the words “Princess Bride”!

  4. OMG!!!!! You guys are GORGEOUS! Everything is so damn beautiful, and you look SO HAPPY!

    Also? The first line of the “Day 2” post is fantastic!!!

  5. Wow… simply wow. The pictures are so poignant and full of energy! I absolutely LOVE the tiaras and what is that last ear-piece called? It’s like a golden flower vine decided to merge with her body and give her special elfin powers… or just look really pretty…

  6. The clothes! I want to see more of those amazingly beautiful clothes! I am being struck yet again by Culture Envy!

  7. Geez, I can’t stop looking at these photos. Everything about this…the color, the happiness, everything. Incredible work, Zac!

  8. Yay!! My husband and I had a Khmerican wedding too! Which I still haven’t submitted to OBB, but will someday hopefully get around to doing. These photos are beautiful and so wonderful to see other folks honoring both sets of traditions. And holy crap – the ear piece is AMAZING!!!

  9. I don’t often post, but…beautiful couple, beautiful wedding! Congratulations x

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