A wedding under a willow tree with leis and dance performances

Updated Oct 12 2015

Janey and Lee found a pretty magical place to get married in the summer — under a huge willow tree. They met dancing professionally together and that influenced the wedding quite a bit. They asked a friend to perform a dance for them at the reception. Anna Wu, who photographed the event, told us that Lee proposed by writing a message in chocolate syrup on a dessert plate. Sweet! Plus, their dog was the ring bearer!

Teary first look! Also note the feathers woven into Janey's hair.

Janey and Lee's mothers poured intention-blessed water over their hands.

Janey's Hawaiian-Filipino roots influenced their decision to have a lei ceremony.

Epic watermelon bowl!

Their special dance performance at the reception.

For the rest of the story on these dance-inspired nuptials, head on over to Anna Wu's blog post with all of the details.

  1. The Pazmino-Madamba's was the wedding of the year 2011 it was a dream come true to both Lee and Janey.
    All these images captured their Unconditional Love.. that without much explaining meant the World to Both of them they are blessed with many gifts..(of a family who will always be there no matter what..+friends that believe in their love..).Lee and Janey continue to be smitten with each other…

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