Retro gaming meets retro fashion

Updated Oct 12 2015


Stephanie and Jerred fit this week's Geek Week theme like an NES Power Glove. Their Monte Verde Inn wedding had Sega Genesis invitations, guitar pick favors, Mario and Luigi costumes, all on top of gorgeous retro-style hair and fashion. True Love Photo was there to capture the fun and shared it with us.

















For more photos, check out True Love Photo's blog post.

  1. I think these are my favorite wedding photos ever. Totes adorbs. You guys look like a really happy, fun couple. Thanks for the smile!

  2. Not only you but your whole freakin party looked really into everything happening around you. I love the spirit that you just emanated. Beautiful.

    • My Maid of Honor found a website that custom make guitar picks…you can even get your picture on them! Much more costly of course. They were such a perfect touch since my husband plays guitar and I play the bass =D

  3. So much gorgeousness here that I can barely breath! Bride's absolutely breathtaking and the N64 controller makes the coolest photo-prop!

  4. You guys remind me of my honey and I… gamer kids acting like 5-year-olds and not giving a whit what others think about that!
    Kudos on gettin' hitched!
    (And is that Ash Ketchum leaping up in that one pic?)

    • Thank you! Our wedding couldn't have been more perfect! Yes that is Ash Ketchum and we even had a Misty as well as a few other odd ball video game characters.

  5. Love it! You had nearly exactly what we're doing in 5 weeks! The retro gaming, the portal cake, the Mario cube, the fifties dress, the fun! Getting so much more excited seeing how well yours went! Need to stop using exclamation marks! 😛 If you had fairies in yours, I'd think we were cloned, haha

  6. Your husband's boutonniere – are those perler bead Mario flowers? I'm making Pacman ghosts for our groomsmen and Sonic the Hedgehog for my groom. Pacman cake. I also have Bob-omb tattoos, so it's kind of a retro gaming theme + music geeks.

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