A Princess Bride wedding channeling Westley and Buttercup themselves

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You know our Offbeat Brides love them some references to The Princess Bride. (See our tag archive for proof!) The Impressive Clergyman makes appearances regularly. But rare is the time when we get some full-on Westley and Buttercup cosplay! Nicole and David were the two starring roles (including red dress, Dread Pirate Robert mask, and sword!), and their guests all dressed to match the occasion. Naturally, peanuts were served with a sign reading, “Anybody want a peanut?” Thanks to Heather Elizabeth Photography for sharing this fabulous wedding with us.






Even Peter Falk's role as the grandfather is represented by their officiant!
Even Peter Falk's role as the grandfather is represented by their officiant! He's even holding the same book edition that was read in the movie.


 Miracle Max!
Miracle Max!












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  1. I am SO SO excited we are featured on this site!! We had the best time at our wedding. Truly one of the happiest days of my life!! SUPERMAN – Thank you so much for reaching out to me! What a wonderful Valentine’s day surprise 🙂

    • I absolutely love the Princess Bride and all your touches! Would you mind sharing more about the images of Fezzik and Vacini? I would love to do something similar at our September wedding!

  2. Full profile PLEASE????? If nothing else, more detail porn? This is too awesome & you guys obviously went all out & I want to know about every teensy little detail you did!

  3. This level of amazing..I just..I can’t. I agree! I too, must lay down at once! 😀

  4. Oh my God! I’m totally geeking out! I absolutely LOVE this movie/book. My husband and I joked around about having the officiant say “Maawage… Maawage is what bwings us togever toooday.” didn’t happen. I hope they at least got it.

    BTW, shout out to Alamo Drafthouse for the Bottle of Whits wine that made an appearance here.

  5. I must say… this might be my favorite wedding I’ve seen on here. Or at LEAST top 5. Amazing styling and what amaze-balls community support and participation!!! Congrats!!!!!

  6. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! But if I could just correct one thing–the officiant doesn’t have the same edition of the book as was read in the movie. That’s the 25th anniversary edition, published in 1998, more than a decade after the movie came out in 1987.

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