Cads About Matrimony: A wedding game for people who hate wedding games

Updated Mar 15 2021
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Cads About Matrimony: A wedding game for people who hate wedding games
We love Cads About Matrimony!

Our sponsor Cads About Matrimony (aka "A wedding game for people who hate love." aka "The most efficient way to humiliate everyone in your wedding party." aka "About 1/10 the price but at least 1/4 the fun of a stripper.") is back with a special announcement.

But first, for those of you who don't know about this game, here's the dealio with the very best wedding game even for people who hate wedding games…

Cads About Matrimony: A wedding game for people who hate wedding games

Why this wedding game doesn't suck:

Cads About Matrimony is designed as both satire and homage to all our weird and wonderful cultural baggage around love, marriage and weddings. It's a great way to bring people together in ways few other wedding activities can (I'm looking at you Bridal Pictionary) because it's a raunchy, snarky, borderline-inappropriate game that can break down barriers and expand people's comfort zones at lightning speed.

Cads About Matrimony: A wedding game for people who hate wedding games

More game to love:

Cads About Matrimony now has two new products they are unveiling this wedding season:

Cads About Matrimony is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

In addition to the original Cads About Matrimony wedding game, there is also a 110-card first expansion pack, which includes more ridiculous humor to complement the original game.

AAAANNDDDD a "blanks" deck — a deck of Cads-branded blank cards that you can fill in with your own terrible stuff to make a personalized game, and/or use for wedding props and favors! We heard that one bride is using them for her guest sign-in cards at her wedding. (Brilliant AF!)

Cads About Matrimony: A wedding game for people who hate wedding games

What players are saying:

"Absolutely hysterical! The question and answer cards set it up as just as great as Cards Against Humanity… I recommend this for any bachelorette party, bachelor party (especially if you're trying to do an alcohol-free party!) or newlywed couple. Tons of fun!" – MChristopherson

"This was a smash at my girlfriend's bachelorette party!! I was in charge of games and I got this one last-minute. I'm glad I did because it turned out to be everyone's favorite game."
-Amazon Reviewer Jessica I

"This game was a huge hit at my friend's bachelorette party! We all laughed so hard! "These cards are amazing" came out more than once! "
-Amazon reviewer Lauren

"Such a fun game! I bought it for a bachelorette party and everyone loved it! We even learned some new things. I just wish it was bigger."
-Amazon Reviewer Katrina

Cads About Matrimony: A wedding game for people who hate wedding games

"I just wish it was bigger…"

… Is not something you'll say about Cads anymore! Just get yourself the OG game, and the expansion pack, PLUS the blank cards (I just love the guest book idea!), and keep the laughs coming while you game your way through wedding planning.

  1. I tried to purchase the original game and expansion from Amazon, but only the original will ship to Australia…
    Wanted to play this at a Cards loving friends bachelorette party but it's a big group so I wanted more cards. Sounds fun

  2. I did the free download, cut-and-paste-onto-card version of this game for my friend's hen party; we played it in our pjs after getting back to her flat from a nightclub. I then brought it to the wedding hotel, and a group of us guests had a great time playing the night before the wedding. We are regular cards against humanity players so this was the perfect way to get into the wedding spirit without it being too cringey/cheesy for the decidedly non-soppy members of the group!

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