With this waffle I thee wed: 11 delicious brunch weddings

Updated Oct 12 2015
Gotta love these heart-shaped waffle lollipops.
Gotta love these heart-shaped waffle lollipops.

If you're thinking about what to serve at your wedding, think about the meal ERRRRYBODY loves: brunch! It also doesn't matter what time of day you're having your wedding — these brunch goodies are great for any meal — morning, noon, or night.

Oh! And click on any of these photos to see the original wedding inspiration…

Photo by Amanda Maunu Photography
In lieu of a salad course, Amanda and Eric served French toast. (Photo by Amanda Maunu Photography)

Sarah and Eddie planned a brunch wedding, which cut their costs down by about 50%. And brunch is just tasty.

In their invitations, Mariangela and Ryan asked everyone to bring their favorite comfort brunch foods to their DIY brunch reception. (Photos by Sergio Mottola)

After their ceremony Alissa and Amanda had an amazing brunch which included bottomless mimosas!
After their ceremony Alissa and Amanda had an amazing brunch which included bottomless mimosas!

Cupcake craziness
Julia and Bobby had a daytime brunch (where they wouldn't have to have an open bar) and served lots of cupcakes. (Photo by Mira Weddings)

Tasha and Andrew's reception was a brunch with lots of music and dancing… and bacon, and eggs, and champagne.

Chocolate lego favors
Ariel and Andrew's brunch reception featured a LEGO sculpture and handmade chocolate LEGO favors in seven delicious flavors. (Photographer by Dana Giuliana)

Groom makes cake
What kind of a cake to do you serve at a brunch wedding? The offbeat groom assembled this cake on the morning of the wedding: pound cake, hazelnut-flavoured whipped cream, pear compote and a dark chocolate buttercream icing. (Photo by Gabrielle Touchette)

Remember when a readers asked: Is having brunch the day after the wedding a THING now? And who gets invited? (Photo by Gabrielle Touchette)

Remember when we encouraged everyone to make heart-shaped pancakes at their brunch wedding?
Remember when we encouraged everyone to make heart-shaped pancakes at their brunch wedding?

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  1. Oh my gosh, all of this food looks SO scrumptious. I ADORE brunch foods.

    If I knew any of my family liked brunch foods as much as I do, I would definitely consider having these foods at my wedding.

  2. I am trying to plan a brunch wedding, and let me tell ya, I am having the DAMNDEST time finding a caterer who understands the concept and won't charge me $90 per person.

    • I used to work at restaurant/hotel– a lot of the time, brunches (or any type of "buffet" style meal) would cost more since they charged per type of food (so a charge per station). I always loved the idea but I'm afraid that it will go over budget quickly.

    • I'm not sure what you're style/budget/location/etc. is for your wedding, but maybe look into a coney island for catering? I know one in my town that does catering, haven't checked what meals they cater though.

    • Yes. We're having breakfast for dinner and every caterer is all "So salad and plated with asparagus?" No. No. Breakfast. Waffles. Pancakes. Hash. Benedict. Omelettes. This shouldn't be so hard.

    • When I got married three years ago in Florida, I lucked out because I was in Toojay's (a new York-style deli) territory. They charged no more than $10 per person for the food and were pretty flexible. I was even able to get some chicken noodle soup squeezed in there. they also made our wedding cakes (carrot and banana cream being exceptionally tasty after a brunch meal). What I'm trying to say is if you want to do a brunch wedding and you're not having your reception at a hotel, see if you have a deli or similar type of establishment nearby that offers catering. You just might be able to get a brunch meal relatively inexpensively and be able to tailor it to your tastes (erm, so to speak).

  3. We had a brunch wedding, and it rocked! Brunch is awesome for a reception because:

    1. Food. Eggs bennie? Mini crepes? DONE.
    2. Drink. Mimosas are fantastic, and so is a ginormous bottle of Baileys for spiking hot beverages. Brunch is also great if you have a partner who doesn't drink at all, and if you have an extended family that tends to over do it on booze at evening weddings.
    3. Cost. Brunch kept our food costs down by half, and would have also helped to keep other reception costs down had another couple been using the venue on the same day.

  4. OMG…this is all so delicious! I have always loved the idea of a brunch wedding and recommend it to all my clients who are looking for ideas on ways to cut back on Wedding costs. Bruch is da bomb! 😉

  5. We're having a dinner wedding, but instead of a cake, I requested a waffle bar! It's unique, and my ode to my favorite TV character Leslie Knope 🙂

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