Is having brunch the day after the wedding a THING now? And who gets invited?

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Brunch!When did post-wedding brunches become a thing?

My parents are insistent that we have a brunch the morning after. Future husband and I are pretty ambivalent, but since they have offered to pay, we are inclined to do it.

How do I keep such an event low-cost and low-key?

And who should be invited to this thing? Everyone? Just family?

Any and all advice would be much appreciated!


We're never convinced that ANYTHING needs to be “a thing,” but post-wedding brunches do have a purpose: they provide you some sweet, quieter time to spend with out-of-town guests, separate from the hectic blur of your wedding day. Here are a few quick tips:

  • You can invite anyone you'd like to attend — family might expect an invite, but your attendants may not.
  • Keep things easy by doing a buffet and saying “brunch will be available between X and Y o'clock.” If it's a come-and-go event, it'll feel casual and fun.
  • As long as it isn't the sort of “everyone sit around the table” type thing, that keeps it pretty low key.
  • Buffets are nice like that, and with breakfast food can be relatively inexpensive.

Certainly brunch the morning after doesn't need to be “a thing” [insert ominous music], but if it's something that fits into your schedule and budget, it can be a really sweet wind-down to a wedding weekend.

Are you doing a brunch after your wedding? Who's invited? And, most important question: WHAT ARE YOU SERVING?! We're hungry.

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  1. After-wedding brunch is a pretty common tradition down here in the south. Of course, it’s usually at the parents of the bride’s house, and it’s close family and friends only. It’s a nice way to have more time with out of town family.

  2. We did a brunch after our wedding for just the guests staying at the hotel with us (mostly my family and the bridesmaids). It was really nice and I’m glad we did it.

  3. My family ALWAYS has a brunch-type thing the morning after. We even have it without the bride or groom if they have other things to do 🙂 It is usually at the parent of the bride or groom’s house and leftovers are served along with whatever else people want to bring or a cold cut try. It is mostly so people can catch up and visit without the stress of a wedding day.

    For my wedding we had a camping event and my husband and his groomsmen cooked breakfast for all of the guest who stayed the night. It was not expensive and it was super low-key with people in their PJs and hung over.

  4. We did a brunch the next day for out of town guests (we had a lot of them!) and close family and friends. Turned out that 130 people were at the wedding and 80 were at the brunch. The brunch was awesome! Very low key, relaxed. I think everyone enjoyed it. We had a buffet and also served all our left over fruit (which were used as our centerpieces the night before) and all our leftover cupcakes and candy bar. We opened our gifts in front of everyone, made some speeches. I do not regret the brunch at all. It was a really nice way to cap off the night before and say thank you to everyone and spend some more time with people.

    • I forgot to mention, we did our brunch at the same place where we had the wedding so they gave us a deal. They put out a full spread with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, mimosas, coffee and tea, juice, cereal……all the usual breakfast stuff. For 80 people, the brunch bill was about $500….well worth the price.

  5. It’s a great idea! We had brunch the morning after our wedding, but it was really informal and low-key, which was perfect after all the craziness (and fun) of the day before. We stayed at the same hotel as our guests and a very small group of out-of-town friends joined us at our favorite restaurant in Columbia, MD (Victoria Gastro Pub!!) We would have loved it if my husband’s family could have joined us so we could spend more time with them, but they had a very long drive ahead of them that day.

  6. We loved our brunch! We did it at my parents house and had a crepe buffet. It was easy and relaxed and super delicious, and our guests seemed to love it! We invited everyone, but out 120 people, less than 40 or so came. I’ve been to one where they did bagels and pastries, which was very nice, but my husband is kind of opposed to carb-y food like that, so we came up with crepes as a way to have hot, fresh, “real” food quickly, without too much effort.

  7. I don’t know when they became a ‘thing’, but we had one with my immediate family and loved it (our wedding was also over Father’s Day weekend, so it was sort of expected that we see the family again). Even the most relaxed weddings are hectic at times, so having a chance at quality conversation and reflection so soon after the festivities was really nice. Brunches can also be a great way to get rid of leftover food if the event was personally hosted, though we brunched at our reception location and enjoyed yet another round of delicious food: lobster BLTs and bloody marys.

  8. I’m holding the line on the morning-after brunch. I’m not the world’s most sociable person, and while I’m sure the wedding will be so much fun, it’ll take a lot out of me. I love my family and friends, but I don’t feel totally relaxed around them. I’m expecting to need Sunday to recover. My mother has given me an open invitation to brunch. We can go if I feel up to it, but nobody is expecting us to play host.

    We have a lot of family coming in from out of town, and each of our families is hosting a casual dinner for their side on Friday night. We’ll split up so we can attend both of those. Then our immediate families will be together on Saturday afternoon to set up the wedding site. So I think we’ll have plenty of time to see everybody.

    • I’m the same way. The day after is for relaxing & recouping, not socializing. Don’t people feel hung over (whether they drink or not) after their wedding? There’s no way I’d have the energy or will to hang out with my family a second day lol the perks of being an introvert

  9. I guess we kinda had an impromptu brunch with some of our wedding guests the morning after the wedding.
    I was hungover but the hotel we stayed at included breakfast so we joined any of our guests that stayed at the hotel (mainly my family) for breakfast/brunch the next morning in the hotel restaurant

  10. Why couldn’t you just reserve a room at a restaurant, and then pay the entire bill? That seems like it might be a lot cheaper/easier than hiring a caterer, and you won’t be paying for a lot of food that might not get eaten if people don’t wake up early enough to make it.

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