All photos by Kari Bellamy Photography.

Because it's STEAMPUNK WEEK (!), I'm thrilled to toss this steamy British wedding at ya. Full disclosure: I'm still pretty new to the world of steampunk, but if the weddings are along these lines I'm a fan. I'm completely infatuated with these photos from Kari Bellamy Photography.

Apparently I'm not the only one a little unfamiliar — videographer Diamond Lights admitted to a double take or two when guests arrived donning 19th century Victorian clothing. But those of you who are fully immersed will love everything in this from the red boots to the tabletops (think vintage frames, gears, and boooooks).

These two put a lot of thought into every aspect of the day — they designed their own outfits (including modifying purchased items when they couldn't find what they were looking for) and combined their design and computing skills to create the bespoke invitations, stationery, and a website to match the theme. Adam's mum and best man designed the centerpieces, and the pair had some of Adelina's family's old jewelry redesigned into unique wedding bands with a never-ending vine engraved on them. I LOVE!


photography: Kari BellamyPhotography

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Comments on Vintage frames, gears, and books: A spectacular British steampunk wedding

  1. Ack! This wedding! It’s gorgeous! I’d love to know whether the bride could breathe by the end of the night with that corset haha.

    • Thank you! The corset was really comfy actually, especially after I seasoned it in for 2 weeks (quite fun & not painfull at all). It’s designed to have an exaggerated hourglass silhouette and it fit me surprisingly well seeing as it was an OTR one (from What Katie Did) and I generally have trouble finding clothes that fit me.

  2. The bride’s clothes are sooo beautiful! I want a skirt like this for my wedding:) And also this gaming section can be so much fun. Maybe on my wedding there will be some rpg or some Munchkin (or both). Thanks for the idea:) The photos of you are gorgeous!!

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