Two 501st Legion nerds host a British fête fit for a Sith Lord

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 | Photography by Tino & Pip
All photos by Tino and Pip.

Emily and Phil met in 2002 through mutual friends in the UK Garrison, a Star Wars 501st legion group, and have been together ever since. The pair chose to have a wedding that combined all of their favorite things: leopard print, music, and, of course, Star Wars. The bridal party wore leopard-printed dresses to match Emily's self-designed shoes, and the bride's floor-length red bridal gown was matched by the groomsmen's red shirts.

These two costumers certainly seem to have a flair for making an entrance — Emily was brought to the venue on a steam train! Guests were treated to a host of activities (tattoo station, anyone?) and joined in the photo booth by none other than Lord Vader himself…

Emily designed her leopoard-print Converse on the brand's website.

The rings were engraved in Aurebesh.


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Comments on Two 501st Legion nerds host a British fête fit for a Sith Lord

  1. Oh my goodness, that dress! The shoes!! What an amazing wedding, and I adore the tattoo station idea!!

    • Thank you!
      The Tattoo station was really popular, and Doris Loves, the lovely couple who did it for us, enjoyed themselves so much they stayed longer for free!
      It was also really fun at our group breakfast the next morning, all our friends were showing us their tattoos!

    • Well spotted!
      Actually, it’s the Conner MacLeod Katana from the first movie, but maybe it got passed on to Duncan? I must confess it’s been a long while since I saw the series, but the movie was a big part of my past.
      Also, this katana was my secret present to my Best Man which I gave him in private the night before, as I was unsure of giving a sword at a wedding venue, but he insisted we take it and bring it out to cut the cake with! It got promptly locked away in a car trunk afterwards though, just in case any drunk guests wanted to play Highlander. 🙂

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