Sharon and Andrew were married on a hot day in August at the Chateau Cargill in South Surrey, British Columbia. Their photographer, Alexandra Hunt, captured the day and the gorgeous beachside moments.

For more of this Asian-inspired wedding, head over to Alexandra Hunt's blog post.

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Comments on An Asian fusion wedding with lots of DIY

  1. I love those bridesmaid dresses! And the fabric flowers! What a really beautiful wedding!

  2. Let me just say is this is exactly what I was going for. I’m not asian nor is my FH but I am going to graduate school for Asian Studies and love Asia with all my heart so of course I need Asian elements. We are having our ceremony on the beach as well.
    So jealous!

  3. So… Asia’s a big place. Which country are we talking about here?

    These are all really great shots. Everyone looks like they’re really enjoying themselves.

  4. Gorgeous – I love the sunny yellow dresses on the bridesmaid and the cake toppers are just charming. I’m also coveting the fabric flowers and that photograph by the tree is breathtaking.

  5. 3 things, first – I’ve tolled Alexandra on Facebook for a very long time, and she is wonderfully talented! If you live in the Vancouver area of BC, I totally encourage you to check her out!
    Second, Cargill is a lovely venue, great choice if you have a larger budget – we looked into it, and if it had been in our budget, it would have been a great all-in-one venue!
    Third, what a fun looking wedding!! What a wonderful looking couple!

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