5 brilliant ways to find your wedding bands from Brilliant Earth

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Unique wedding bands from Brilliant Earth

You got your engagement ring, you got your wedding date, you got your venue, and your outfits… but do you have your wedding rings yet? It can get kind of tricky. If you haven't purchased a set, you can have trouble finding rings that match your other rings. Your partner might not even know what they want for a wedding band if they've never worn jewelry before… So many things to consider.

If you're having trouble finding the right wedding band, or if you're on the hunt for unique wedding bands, our loooooongtime sponsor Brilliant Earth has five ways they can help you.

1. Wedding ring styles guide

First things first, head over to Brilliant Earth's wedding ring style guide to get an idea of what kind of ring you're into: Diamond, plain bands, thick, thin, curved, with sapphires, nature-inspired — Wait, did I say “nature-inspired?” Yup…

2. Nature Inspired Wedding Rings

If you want your ring to be an everyday reminder of the times you have spent hiking, biking, and any other adventurous outdoor activities you love, here are six of Brilliant Earth's favorite wedding rings for nature lovers.

3. Find a wedding band that matches your engagement ring

Choose your engagement ring, then use Brilliant Earth's Matching Wedding Ring Tool to create a wedding ring set, and/or discover which wedding ring pairs best with your engagement ring.

4. Complete guide to men's wedding rings

Oh yes, Brilliant Earth has got your dude covered too with their complete guide to men's wedding rings. If your partner is anything like mine, he was starting from complete scratch with what his likes and dislikes were when it came to rings. This article would have made really great reading material for him!

5. Matching wedding rings

Ultimately my partner and I went for matching wedding bands. Which warms my heart to no end. If you also want to go the matchy-matchy route, Brilliant Earth has you covered with a myriad of creative combinations.

Oh, and they may also have your ears covered too…

Offbeat Discount

Now through July 16, 2017, you'll receive a complimentary pair of diamond studs with your purchase of two wedding rings from Brilliant Earth.

Gotta love Brilliant Earth for not only helping you find your wedding bands, but also taking care of your wedding earrings at the same time!? Dang. That's some customer service. Now head over Brilliant Earth and find the perfect weddings bands that'll warm your hearts to no end.

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