A nice ‘n’ sane bridesmaids contract

Guest post by Monicawesome

You may recall An Offbeat Bride's vows to herself. The author, Monicawesome, is back with a great bridesmaid's contract that isn't nuts.

three slurpees, alike in sugary dignity

I've read a lot of bridal party kvetching, from both the bride and bridesmaid sides, but the one that topped the cake for me was when a friend of mine's bride-to-be sent out CONTRACTS for her ladies to sign, a la this masterpiece. I always thought the one in the link was a joke, but the friend's now-wife was dead serious about hers.

So I decided to minimize any misunderstandings about my expectations for my bridesmaids before they begin. In that spirit, I present my very own Bridesmaid Contract!

______ I will listen to Monica's babbling, and let her know she's only slightly crazy.

______ I will have fun while planning with Monica.

______ I will look however I want, because Monica doesn't care.

______ I swear to “be there” for the bride just like I always am, because she is my friend.

______ I will NOT let Monica's wedding detract from other parts of my life.

______ I will not forget that while I am Monica's friend, she is MY friend as well, and is there if I need her

______ I will eat, drink, and be merry whenever possible.

______ I will engage in much laughter and *inappropriate hugging*

______ I will tease Nick whenever possible.

______ I will tease Monica whenever possible.

______ I will not feel the need to spend a ton of money on a dress/shoes/jewelry/manicure/WHATEVER.

______ I will have an amazing time!

I do hereby swear that I will adhere to all of the above and other understood bridesmaid duties for the wedding on October 28, 2012

(sign, print and date)

I'm going to send this out in a card to each of my friends when I ask them to be bridesmaids.

You know we love your comments, but please be conscious about NOT using this as a space to complain about less-than-satisfactory bridesmaids. We're not about bitching, we're about supporting!

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  1. This is great! I might steal this and email itnto my girls… our date is 2 years away so I think this will be a fun way to get everyone in sync (nsync) as we get closer!

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