Show your support for your (and all!) women with these bridesmaid gifts from Badgerface

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Bridal Bitches spa gift set, including milk bath, bath bombs, and loofah

Are you planning your wedding shower or bachelorette party right now? Or are you just looking for a little something to say “thank you” to your wedding party that's kicking so much ass for you? Then you need to our favorite potty-mouthed sponsors Badgerface Beauty Supply. These gifts will not only show your support for your friends, but for all women!

Hell yeah, relaxing bath bombs!

Badgerface recently launched their own website (also find them on Etsy!) and it's (as they so perfectly put it) “chock full of fuckery.” They have a whole section devoted to wedding-y type stuff like these bad boys…

Bath Bomb set

Drop a bomb on whatever's pissing you off!”

Hell yeah, supporting women!

Because of all the times I've gushed about how great Badgerface is, you already know that their line of all-natural bath and beauty products are as awesome as they are cheeky. But did you know that since June 2016, they've been setting aside one week each month and giving 15% of profits to a women's rights organization!? They call it “Woke Week” and they've donated over $1k so far!

This month, Woke Week is happening from March 19th-25th (the current recipient is the National Women's Law Center!). So you'll not only get crap loads of all-natural goodness in the mail, but you'll be supporting a great cause, too.

Set of six lotion bar favors made with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and 100% pure-ass awesome essential oils.

Hell yeah, special discount!

Badgerface Beauty is stoked to offer all Offbeat Bride readers a 15% off coupon, good for all orders over $25 until April 1, 2017. Just enter code OFFBEAT at checkout.

Which means, when you purchase gifts from Badgerface you can support women and support your wedding budget at the same time!

Set of 6 lip balm favors

And speaking of coupons, Badgerface Beauty Supply sends out LOTS of special offers via their social media channels. So if now's not the right time to purchase gifts for your bridal party, be sure to sign up for their newsletter. For the rest of you women looking to help women, take a deep relaxing soak in the land of Badgerface, and everyone will thank you.

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